Nomali Minenhle Cele (b. 1992) is currently casting spells in Soweto. She writes stories about black girls and dreams of hearing about every piece in Bongekile Simelane’s Ivy Park collection from the woman herself. One time, Yvonne Chaka Chaka called her beautiful. She founded a zine called Uju.
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For all Seasons (a chronicle of a year in a friendship between two girls)

Routine (a look inside one girl's day)

Kamvelihle (a girl comes home from a protest and takes a bath)

And on the Seventh Day (a one-year anniversary, Published on Jalada Africa's FEAR bonus issue)


SZA and the relentless 20somethings // Mail & Guardian Friday (Ctrl as a mirror)

Thank you, Sfiso Ncwane // self-published on Medium (gospel saves)

Is it finally Samthing Soweto's time? // Mail & Guardian (The artist years in the making)

Kalushi // self-published on Medium (A truly South African apartheid biopic)

4 April 2015 // Enormous Eye (A day in my life in what was one of the darkest years of my life)

Things to come // My View (A French film review)

Q + A with Nolan Oswald Dennis // Kaya (Correspondence with the artist Nolan Oswald Dennis)

How men tried their hardest to traumatise me in 2016 // The Huffington Post South Africa (On my lived terror)

The girls are not safe // self-published on my TV blog // (Terror as plot device)


The meaning of GC from Uzalo (One of my favourite TV characters and instances of character development)

Blue Ivy is in formation (Finding comfort, as a dead mother's daughter, in Blue Ivy bearing witness to her mother's power and being a part of it)

On the low (This OKMKK song talks about intimacy and some of the toxicity that comes from craving it)

Jet Love yourself (A review of the campaign)

Calling myself "fat" (It's not a euphemism)

Since cutting my hair (A memory of my grandfather)

Kate + me (On my favourite lipstick and using it as armour)

Photographed by Taki of Moving Minds SA