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If you are looking for South African bloggers and digital content creators to work with then you're on the right page! My name is Nomali.

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Nomali from Soweto is a considered online platform that I have built over five years. The aim, when it comes to collaborating with brands, is to always start a conversation and share information and tips that people who support this blog and are part of its communities would find useful. I'm also interested in working with and helping to highlight small, independent brands, get in touch!

Outside of this blog, I am also active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram creating conversation and engaging with like-minded people on everything from BeyoncĂ© to intersectional feminisms, culture, fat acceptance and anything that catches my eye. I am always honest in my reviews. Read my disclosures here.


I enjoy reviewing products (plus size fashion, affordable tech, beauty -- especially skincare and hair! -- and lifestyle) and experiences and sharing my honest experience on this blog. Reviews are in my own words.

I accept gifted items (fashion, tech accessories, home decor pieces, beauty bits). These will be identified as courtesy of (c/o) the brand. For fashion, I only accept items that fit in with my style and are available in my size, obviously. Gifted items will be featured in style posts and lifestyle photography and will be always identified as gifted by the brand in their first appearances.

If you have products or experiences that you believe would appeal to people who read this blog, I'd be more than happy to host a competition. Again, all content will be crafted by me and the brand sponsoring the competition identified. I prefer not to host giveaways that will require people to join mailing lists or give organs to qualify. I also prefer to not host competitions in isolation. My preferred giveaway would be preceded by a review or sponsored post -- so entrants (and I) know what they're getting. 

I'm always happy to give back to people who support me on this blog and social media and giveaways are one way where you (the sponsor) me and this blog's community all win.

I'm open to event invitations. Product launches and press days that happen outside office hours are my lane. Please send invites a week in advance at the very least so I can organise myself should I wish to attend. I'm also very open to press trips if the opportunity arises. I will usually cover events on social and do a roundup post of any insights I may have picked up if any.

I accept briefs to be part of campaigns. This means I will be compensated to write about a product, service, event, experience et al as part of a brand's campaign. The words and ideas will always be mine. Sponsored posts will be declared as a "collaboration with brand/company x." I'm also available for long-term (more than two posts) collaborations.

Please know that, unless the collaboration is a sponsored post, there isn't always a guarantee that something will appear on this blog. Or that when it appears it will be as you want it to. If I really like an item it will feature on daily outfits shared on Facebook and Instagram. I also do product roundups, where gifted items might end up. I will highlight products at my sole discretion unless we have sponsorship agreement.

Representation matters to me and I'd be happy to be part of inclusive campaigns. I have a visibly and (mostly, usually) unapologetically fat body. If you are doing a body positive and body inclusive campaign and would like me to be part of it, reach out. If you want me to be on your panel, blog post, video where topics such as fat acceptance, African feminisms, the South African culture landscape etc are the topic, totes reach out!

My love languages are scones, data bundles and asos dot com / Jet gift cards.

Thank you for your interest in working with me. Stick around a bit to get a feel of what I enjoy writing about. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Get in touch when you're ready!

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