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Along with my day job, writing this blog when inspired and dreaming of verandas and chilled mangoes -- where I can write my fiction and snack and people watch -- I work as a freelance writer and content producer. My topics of Interests are quite similar to what I write about on this blog. I love TV, popular culture, internet and youth culture deep dives, travel and all things related to navigating the world as a plus size woman. Here's my features, criticism and opinion portfolio.

I have six years' experience in copywriting and content production as well as four years' experience in social media strategy, content creation and community management. I can create monthly content that is backed by strategy. I'm also available to live-tweet key cultural events for your brand or publication to give your coverage an authentic voice. 

I offer a consulting service for brands (and agencies) targeting fat women, black women and those who want to stay on tone with black youth culture. HMU

I'm also keen to chat on panels about the above topics, my feminism (and African feminisms at large), boys and plus size style, fat acceptance, black kids doing cool shit. Basically, I just want to be on Shift on SABC 1. Here is my (incomplete) content production portfolio.

I'm open to commissions or having any of the things I've written here reprinted. If you are an editor that likes my vibe and would be receptive to a pitch from me, please to send me an email or tweet me to let me know you're out there. The media industry of South Africa feels so inaccessible. 

To work with me on this blog here is my collaboration information