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A few places I have been kindly featured. If you would like to chat about my feminism, the South African culture landscape, plus size style, fat acceptance and body positivity, mental health and blogging for your publication or blog, email me! Especially if you are a producer at Shift on SABC 1.

Elite Daily, September 2018

One of my favourite plus size writers (she's not just fat, but she actively writes about the world and life as she experiences it as a fat person) Marie Southard Ospina put me on a very cute list with a bunch of my fat acceptance and style heroes. Not only that, she said very kind things about how I wear clothes, which is nice. Read the post here.

AndLivLoves, March 2018

It's always so heartwarming when people recommend my writing and this blog. I started following Liv last year from one of the hashtags and she followed back. Imagine my surprise when, months later, she included this blog in her roundup of blogs by black women to follow. Read the post here.

Plus+ edited by Bethany Rutter, February 2018

I'm in a book! Plus+ features over 100 plus size style inspirations and one of my outfits is one of them.

The Curvy Fashionista, January 2018

I was featured in the Fashion Blogger Spotlight by The Curvy Fashionista. Read here.

Ready to Stare, February 2017

Ready to Stare writer and shop owner Alysse asked a dozen fat babes "why they don't need to be in a relationship in order to be happy on Valentine's" and I answered. Read the post in full here.

From A Wild Flower, October 2016

From a Wild Flower, a platform for creative WOC, compiled a list of their favourite 100 Millennial Lifestyle Bloggers of Colour and included me., October 2016

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I was featured as one of five of's "favourite South African plus size fashion blogs" on Essentials Magazine's website. Read the feature here.

Essays of Africa, July 2016

Essays of Africa got in touch requesting to republish my essay about my fat acceptance and why reclaiming the word "fat" has been empowering in my life -- minus the typos, joyus. You can read the essay on this blog here. Thank you Unathi for the pic.

LEGiT Blog, July 2014

I waxed hella lyrical about denim on the Legit blog.