(More like, "in case you are wondering" or a cheat sheet to some things about me.)


You are always going on about your sister, what's the deal there?
We've lived in the same place since I was nine, we are five years apart and when I was 17 our mother died. We have lived alone together since January 2010 and she's my best.

How old are you?
24 (b. January 1992)

Where are you from?
Soweto, South Africa

Why are you so sour?
Lol, I just am.

What's happening with your store?
It's still a thing!!! My life is basically merch and a little corner where my sister and I sleep. Keep an eye on the Facebook page

What is Ujuzine?
Uju (social handles @UjuZine) is a -- currently web-based -- zine of writing and visual art that aims to amplify the voices of black women writing, reading and existing in Africa. Email me pitches or submissions for Issue i, which is all about summer!!! ujuzine@gmail.com

So you think you're going to be a writer?
I am a writer. Even when I'm not writing. It took me a while to stop calling myself "aspiring." I am a writer.

Why Are you so thirsty?
It makes life better.

Where can I send you money? (Lol I wish)
But I do accept asos, woolies, amazon gift cards and my paypal is nomalifromsoweto@gmail.com. In case.



How long have you been doing this thing?
I started this blog in July of 2011, some posts are gone now. After I started it I'd write and hoard things -- until my old computer had its first crash -- because I couldn't afford to go to the internet cafe and get online and post. I'd wanted to start a blog since 2009. That and a youtube channel.

When did you join twitter?
Same year. In August of 2011 I got twitter and only figured it out by November. I live-tweeted my trip to Durban to visit my father's mother who had once been such an important part of my life. She died a few months later. I wish I had known how to thread tweets back then. I wish I wrote everything that happened during those few days down.

But your account says...
Yeah, in 2014 I was terribly depressed, feeling trapped in every aspect and going through the most. Even though the only thing I'd always wanted was 500 followers, I bid farewell to that account full of people who'd only followed be because of #FFs. I kept my username because. I detailed those feels here.

But why are you still doing this? Nobody cares.
I care.

Why did you get on the fat bandwagon?
I think fat positivity and body positivity as a whole is an important thing. Fat people are people. Learning to love myself -- eek, don't tell my mum I wasn't listening when she called me magic -- has made me a safer space for other people's bodies. I'm not perfect. I have found that my body positivity is a daily practice. Not a magical destination. I'm working on loving myself better and more daily. I wish that for everyone.

Why did you get on the feminism bandwagon?
My feminism is very relevant to my life and speaks to what I and the women around me experience. I'm probably the least textbook feminist you will ever meet and I'm not sorry. I don't know all the words or the theories. I know what I live.

Do you work with brands?
I'm open to it. Email me.

For a while, people used to ask me a lot about my camera stuff. I had to sell my camera in 2014, so it doesn't matter now.

If you have  you have other questions, I've started using this app called "curious cat." Ask me things!