Hi! Here's everything you need to know about how I conduct myself on this blog. Wondering if you should reblog a post of mine? Don't. Wondering about who writes my reviews? I do. Looking for a comment you posted? Read on. 

south african lifestyle blogger,

All content is written and photographed by me (save for the odd stock photo, they're so pretty!). And I reserve all the rights to it. If an image or words have been used as inspiration, I will do my best to find the sources and link to them. Do not use my images and words for profit without my express permission. Do not reproduce/repost my images and words without asking me. Do not use my images without linking back to the original post. Do not use my words at all. It's uncool. You can pay me here to write words for you or your business.

If I have used any of your images and you want them taken down/correctly attributed then please send me an email.

I try to moderate the comments when data and computer access align. Spam, comments that are hateful and harmful will be removed should they be posted. I receive comment alerts on my phone so trust that I receive and read and squeal at each one. I might not reply because data + computer time have not aligned. Thank you for the conversation, encouragement, love, constructive crit all the same. Please share the post and tweet me so we can chat!

I've recently installed google analytics, which tracks visitors' information. What this means is GA will let me know what you're reading on this blog, where you are from and if you read more of the same posts. That's just for the sake of reporting nje. This information will not be shared with outsiders unless we're discussing my "audience" demographic. 

If I run competitions on this blog or associated social channels I will not share your information such as email address, postal address (if exchanged) with outsiders. Speaking of competitions... All and any future competitions will be run exclusively for people who support this blog.

At present I'm not taking any ads on this blog, I'm also not using any affiliate links. But I'll be sure to update and let you know should this change.

UPDATE (7/10/2016): I am currently using a Loot.co.za affiliate link, which means if you click any of the two banners on www.nomalifromsoweto.com and make a purchase (as a first-time customer) I will get a percentage of the sale. 

I also use another affiliate ad for fashion recommendations (at the bottom of the page) and if you click/purchase I will get, like, $0.05 or something.

All gifted items will be declared as such and marked to be courtesy (c/o) of brand x or y in their first appearances. I can't be declaring jeans you've seen me in a hundred times, a year down the line. Any sponsored collaboration posts will be declared as such. It's against the law to not say when something was a collaboration or freebie. It's also sketchy on the blogger's side to not say. I want us to be friends for a long time so I will be open about this sort of stuff. Words, ideas and (often) images are all mine.

Unless a collaboration is a sponsored post (paid as part of a campaign) gifted items will appear on the blog and its social channels at my sole discretion. Please contact me to discuss an item/range before sending it to me. I'm available to attend events (which I will cover on social -- and on the blog given I gained new insights I think the readers of this blog will appreciate) but I request that invitations be sent at least a week in advance. Weekdays (outside of work hours) are my best time but I'm open to making exception for great events.

I want this to continue being a safe and (mostly) positive space. 

Thank you for your support.