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Nomali from Soweto reaches an engaged audience that stretches this website and related social channels. I'm open to working with brands and small businesses. Collaboration opportunities include reviews, giveaways, sponsored posts and social media advertising.

I'm also a freelance writer and critic, social content producer, content strategist overall ideas girl. I write about arts, culture, technology, plus size cultures and how they intersect within feminisms and African identity. I do social content strategy and content production for brands focusing on black women, plus size (and fat positive!) people and culture (music, film, books, events etc). Hire me!

Email me to request my rate card or to pitch your campaign or project nomalifromsoweto at gmail dot com. I'm also interested in attending events and launches. View my review and collaboration policies here.

For blog feedback, questions, interviews, to setup an oros date or to offer me the use of your sofa in another city, tweet or email me.

If you have strong, jerk feelings about my writing, hair, bod, style, your mother. Be blessed.

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