I offer a few services to brands, small businesses and agencies. This includes collaboration here on the blog, social media advertising, consulting and more. View my collaboration and content policies here.


Nomali from Soweto reaches an engaged audience that stretches this website and related social channels. I'm open to working with PR agencies reaching out on behalf of big brands as well as directly with small businesses. Collaboration opportunities include reviews of gifted (fashion, beauty, tech, lifestyle, homeware) items. I also offer sponsored partnerships and can run giveaways as part of a sponsorship. I offer social media advertising on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I'm also interested in attending events and launches that are related to my interests, which I tend to cover on Instagram stories and Twitter. I don't republish press releases. I also receive PR samples for feature consideration.

Sponsorship: As part of your campaign, I write, photograph and upload a blog post(s) on the blog.

Advertising: I share your product or service on my social channels. Learn more about my social media advertising package here.

I'm also open to press trips where I'm invited to explore a new destination for coverage.

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Click here for examples of content I've done in the past.

 I offer a consulting service for brands (and agencies) targeting fat women, black women and those who want to stay in tone with black youth culture.

 I'm keen to chat on panels about the above topics, my feminism (and African feminisms at large), boys and plus size style, fat acceptance, black kids doing cool shit. Basically, I just want to be on Shift on SABC 1.
south african lifestyle blogger, south african travel blogger, south african micro influencer,

Representation matters to me and I'd be happy to be part of inclusive campaigns. I have a visibly and (mostly, usually) unapologetically fat body. If you are doing a body positive and body inclusive campaign and would like me to be part of it, reach out. If you want me to be on your panel, blog post or video where topics such as fat acceptance, African feminisms, the South African culture landscape etc are the topic, totes reach out!

I also offer digital services to small businesses and bloggers, which you can learn more about here.