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My name is Nomali Cele. I'm 25 (b. 1992). I live in Soweto, South Africa with my kid sister, who isn't that much of a kid anymore and is still the best to ever human. I used to have a lot of empty diaries, which were joined by clothes at some point. I still have the clothes, which I sell here. I enjoy listening to songs on repeat, listening to my sister's voice notes, to my sister's stories.

Outside of this blog, I interview people, write nonfiction observations about culture and becoming, fictions about black girls, so, too many drafts. I founded, edit and curate a zine called Uju, which features works by black women of African experience and pov. I'm still trying.

Nomali from Soweto is my inconsistent personal blog that I started in 2011 at an internet cafe. This is where I come to figure things out or, embarrassingly, when I think I've figured things out.

I'm open to money, always, so you can commission me or reprint my work or you can collaborate with me on the blog. I love scones. I did this boring FAQ

For blog feedback, questions, interviews, to setup an oros date or to offer me the use of your sofa in another city, tweet me, it's much easier than email. If you have strong, jerk feelings about my writing, hair, bod, style, your mother. Be blessed.