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My name is Nomali Cele. I'm 25 (b. 1992). I live in Soweto, South Africa with my kid sister, who isn't that much of a kid anymore and is still the best to ever human. I used to have a lot of empty diaries, which were joined by clothes at some point. I still have the clothes, which I sell here. I enjoy listening to songs on repeat, listening to my sister's voice notes, to my sister's stories.

Outside of this blog, I interview people, write nonfiction observations about culture and becoming, fictions about black girls, so, too many drafts. I founded, edit and curate a zine called Uju, which features works by black women of African experience and pov. I'm still trying.

Nomali from Soweto is my inconsistent personal blog that I started in 2011 at an internet cafe. This is where I come to figure things out or, embarrassingly, when I think I've figured things out.

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