Hello March, your good sis is tired! 
Mental illness is tedious. Not only is it tiring but I get so tired of being tired. Like, can I have some breathing room? Can I have five-to-seven years where I will be just okay? Where falling asleep and waking up won't be hard and I don't wake up randomly in the middle of the night scared AF because my brain went somewhere I hadn't signed up for. Can I?

The exhaustion aside, your girl is still here.

1. A goal met! 

In last month's favourites post, I set the goal to read two books in February. And I did! I'm currently reading books I own, so for the month I read "My Sister's Keeper" and the short story collection, "Running and Other Stories". Read my review of the latter here.

2. One Day At A Time
I always get annoyed when I hear about a Netflix show of a film, only to find it's not available locally. But, fortunately, this wasn't the case with ""One Day At A Time"! I'm currently on the third season of this show and it's such a joy. 

The show follows the life of mum, war veteran and newly divorced Penelope. She's raising two kids (woke, SJW Elana and cool Alex) with the help of her mother, the elegant and stylish proud Cuba- American Lydia.

3. A refreshing media event

So I had the opportunity to attend a media event for work and it was so lovely. We went to four Tsogo Sun sundowner spots and made an afternoon-to-evening of it! Read more about the event and watch the video I made here. The featured image on this post is from this event and was taken in the lobby of 54 on Bath.

4. Bread and chats

Heather and I decided to get back on track and held our first website meeting in a while. It's always good to chat with her and realign with the dream but what's better is always the food! We went to Vovo Telo at 44 Stanley one Saturday morning and the air was nice and crisp and the mood a little quiet. 

5. Mvula - Langa Mavuso
I have been listening to this great song by Langa Mavuso since sometime in January. Is so sweet and fun to have on repeat. There isn't a video or audio-video for the song but Langa Mavuso has previously shared this clip, which is what got me.

6. Rihanna's birthday
It's always a joyous time! Other than my sister's birthday and that of actual friends, Rihanna, Blue Ivy Carter and Beyoncé have some of my favourite birthdays. It's just so much fun to celebrate them.

7. Felt excited about my zine again

Will the excitement last? Probably not. But it was quite a welcome change of pace for me to be once again feeling good about this project.

Two goals for March:

Read two more books (currently having a hard time choosing but it will probably one of my nonfics and one of the early Harry Potter books. I can't do a story collection again, in February I learnt that reading short stories requires a special kind of attention from me, I don't know I if I will have it two months in a row. 

While I didn't pitch anything in February, I actually wrote. The goal this month is to finish those drafts and send them along. Hopefully, they'll get accepted somewhere.

How was your February? What's your one goal for March?

PS: I shared my nighttime skincare routine