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The longest month of the year is over
January was filled with a lot of anxiety. Your ghel worked through the festive season so I was exhausted on top of the anxious feelings. Add to that my birthday and you have a recipe for FEELINGS. But then again, what's new. 

1. I'm 27

I don't think this is so much a "January Favourite as it is a fact. I'm 27. Last year I was 26 but I'm still, somewhat, suprised to be 27. I never quite saw it come for most of my life but the years keep adding on.

2. "Summer Goth"
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I finally wore the "summer goth" look that has been on mind mind when I bought this Style Republic top. The material is not the greatest for summer but I took it because it has offered me something I haven't had since I was, maybe, 22 in a t-shirt: It's oversized! It was described as "oversized" but I wasn't expecting that to be true because you know how sizing goes.

3. The rainbow dress

I wore the fuck out of this dress in January. Actually since taking it with ne to Durban in December, it's been having its summer moment. I WORE it. It's from Pep and is no frills

4. Thrifting
In more fashun news, I had my first successful thrifting trip of the year! 2018 had too few thrifting trips and they were never all that great. So to start on such a great leg was amazing for me! More of this please this year.

5. Mangoes galore
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This is the one thing from my summer manifesto i was meticulous about. I had all the mango I could have.

6. Work picnic shenanigans
On the 25th I attended my first work event in a while! They host a welcome back party instead of a Christmas party and tgis year it was in the form of a picnic. I made myself go and I had a pleasant afternoon in the sun. The free food and drinks were nice too.

7. Umuntu 😍
I started talking to a person in January it's nice.

February Goals

Who am I? I don't do this! But here are a few things I'm going to try and achieve this month. Eek!

Read actual books: I fell off with my reading a few years ago at the height of my depression and it has been a slooow recovery. Am I better? I don't know but it's work trying. I was to read two books this month. I'm starting with the books I have.

Start pitching again: Writing is important to me and freelance writing is a way to make extra money. 2019 needs to be way better than 2018 when it comes to freelancing.

What are your goals for February?