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In a word, it's heavenly.

I went to Durban for work on a press trip with a brand in December. The organisation left much to be desired and even though I consider the trip something of a write-off, there's something about the trip that stood out. I had the most amazing dinner!

So I had spent the day, we were meant to fly out on Friday, unsure what was happening. We did fly out but there was some more waiting at the airport, then at the hotel; you get the picture. Keep all waiting and annoyance in mind as my review of this dish may be skewed by those end-of-the-world circumstances. 

When we finally sat down to order dinner, it was almost 22:00. I looked at the Beluga menu in the market for capital "M" meat. The fish didn't do anything for me, neither did the pasta. I'm not a steak person and I definitely did not want any kind of chicken. Enter the Beef Spare Rib! I was feeling a little hangry (a lot!) so I tried to order some chips as the side. The waitress kindly told me about the mash and that I would not be needing the chips. Inner me wanted to scream that she didn't know my needs or what I'd been through. But when the plate came I was glad I listened to her.

So Beluga does this thing where they serve the Spare Rib dish in three small mounds on the plate: Mash as the foundation, a generous smattering of Spare Rib and a big, crispy onion ring to top each mound. My mouth was watering. I think I was two forkfuls when someone who'd just arrived at the table, still waiting to order, asked for a taste. I didn't mind so I invited her right along.

I could easily One and three quarters on those servings were enuf for me and I was full and satisfied. My companion didn't even finish her side of the plate. I was only slightly disappointed when I tried to order a dessert after putting off too long only to be told the kitchen was closed.
 south african lifestlye blog, south african foodie blogger,
My sister caught me on someone's story enjoying my food.

If you are heading to the Umhlanga area soon, I highly recommend this dish. I can't tell you much about the restaurant itself or its vibe because were there so late. View their menu online here and start salivating.