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And on it goes.

Both in 2017 and 2018, possibly in 2016 as well, I didn't make out many goals, if any. The theme, in these three or so years, has been to be kinder to myself. To sleep more. To leave the room. To eat what I like. To take care of my mental health and be better at recognising the ugly things my mental illness does.

2019 is no different.

2018 was atrocious for my face. Sometime in the middle of the year, I started these cystic breakouts. At all times of the month, I'd have pimples and just didn't know what the fuck is going on. My chin and cheeks, rare pimple zones, were working overtime. I think I figured out what happened.

I was reading Michelle's blog, as I do, and her post about skin congestion has stayed with me. She talked about tell-tale signs such as rough skin, blackheads and enlarged pores etc. I related hard! In 2018, I ditched my trusted The Body Shop wash in favour of sampling new products. I still love the Loreal Pure Clay Detox wash but there's room for a change, hence I've once again returned to the body shop to see if I notice any happiness.
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My 2019 skincare goals are pretty simple: clean my breakouts/stop breaking out so excessively and hydrate. Oily skin gets congested easily and breaks out when it's parched. I need to fix this by exfoliating often, sticking to a morning and evening skincare routine and hydrating! 

The latter will be the hardest to do because, as it is, my moisturisation is a joke. In my summer beauty wish list I mentioned wanting the Neutrogena Hydroboost gels -- I still don't have them but I have hope. That range is the only one that's accessible that's geared towards hydration. Correct me if I'm wrong! 

Also, why is sunscreen so expensive?

2018 was not great in the way of writing. I pitched a few stories and none were commissioned. I have a bunch of fiction drafts (still) and I don't think I completed a single story. I don't know if it was fear or exhaustion that kept me away from writing but akusizi. It must be done. It's the one thing I know and love.
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Would I be me if I wasn't thinking about money? I need to get savings going. I am ancient and I need to change my life and feel like I can be okay in the future. The bottom line is I need to save. Ini? I don't know.

I'm still thinking about the idea of living a slow and small life. On purpose. The world beyond survival scares me. How do you even?