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What I watched and listened to (repeatedly) in 2018

This was originally going to be two posts but because, other than tweets primarily and then this blog secondly, I dont much document what I do or am liking at any given time it's now just this short list. Bad Noms! Should I start including a screen time note in my monthly "7 Things" posts? I just might.

So let's first start with the sounds of 2018. 

Room 25
Safia Elhillo's "Alien Suite"
Mac Miller's NPR Tiny Desk at my desk at work at least once a week.
K. T. S. E.

Heard about us - The Carters
R.E.M. (Wake Up) the Beyoncé version
Bhampa with TipCee, Tira, etc
Nice For What? - Drake 
Marina's Complex - Lana Del Rey
Chanel - Frank Ocean
Seasons - Sjava's appearance on the Black Panther soundtrack

2018 in Screen Time
In 2018, I was repeatedly watching the same shows (much to my sister's chagrin), falling asleep with these shows playing in the backgeound etc. My one and only cinema experience -- first I was busy, then I didn't have the R300+ to spend monthly on us going to the cinema -- was Black Panther. Mphiwe and I saw it as part of a work event the day it opened. 

Black Panther
Twilight (too often)
Harry Potter (too often)
How I Met Your Mother (too fucking much)
Atypical Season 2 (in one day!)

I tried and couldn't get into Season 4 of Grace & Frankie -- mind you I was only watching it before bed/in bed lol.

Side Dish (a local four-part mini series about four friends who go away for a "girls' weekend" and end up accidentally killing one of their "side dish".

Scandal! (Mthunzi and YV and and were my only sustained local viewing).

Wanderlust on Netflix

2018 films I really wish I'd seen: Five Fingers, A Star is Born and If Beale Street Could Talk. Fingers crossed I can still see Beale Street.

Lol what does even tell you or I? Thank you for reading anyway. What did you have on repeat in 2018?

PS: Mlindo The Vocalist's breakout songs are problematic af