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What the fuck was up with that?

On Sunday, 2 December 2018, the day I would see Beyoncé live for the very first time, I sat through one of the most comfortable performances of the day: Pharell Williams's set. At first, I was just defiant and bored, then I was perplexed watching the entire stadium singing along and dancing. It's not that I'm so uncultured, I don't even know one Pharell Williams song, no. I was 12/13 during his era with Snoop so you know a lot of the songs he performed held hella nostalgia for me too. My one friend even had his name on her space case in grade nine she liked him so much.

This man everyone was dancing with and singing along with is fresh off performing for Israeli soldiers. Even after criticism by pro-Palestine people and activists and Palestinians themselves, the man went right ahead and performed for people who work for the Israeli Defence Force. Apparently, the gig was in Merica and called the "Friends of the Israeli Defence Forces gala". Majina. He was helping raise money and arm a murderous arm and a few weeks later he comes here, the blood barely dry on our own streets because everything from The State of Emergency to Narikana is still so fresh and we lose our minds.

The feedback that has been floating around Twitter is that we were an excited audience at Global Citizen. We were hyping everyone who came on stage and making them feel welcome; even Usher. Even with those feathers on his head. Even with that gwaragwara. This enthusiasm, this vocalised appreciation is why I think leaving Pharell Williams on mute would have been very poignant. Yes, issa nice catalogue but we don't sing along with artists who support apartheid.

This performance and how Pharell Williams was received made me question whether truth and what's right and moral stands a chance against nostalgia and "omfg it's THAT song!" Singing along (and letting Pharell Williams in in the first place) wasn't just us letting Palestinians down; we let ourselves down. It seems we have forgotten, so soon, how we spent nearly fifty years begging the world to see our humanity and hear our cries. We are still crying because settlers are still seen as the most legitimate occupants og tge land and yet we pretend we don't understand that supporting an army supports the murders supports the idealogies.

He didn't stop there, he came back later and ruined Beyoncé and Jay Z's "Nice" for me, after I'd been out there for nearly 12 hours.

We need to do better.