Or: My sister was very excited for the 25th

About two weeks ago, my sister, Mphiwe, started talking excitedly about Christmas. Since it's been just us two, eight years and counting, we've barely done anything. I sleep too long, she goes to church, then to friends, and we rarely cook. The last time I remember cooking was in 2015 when we housesat for my mother's friend -- that was mostly because I hadn't cooked much that year and I was feeling a little nostalgic.

Mphiwe's plan was simple, and very exciting to her: Church in the morning then come back home to cook and lounge. She knew what she wanted to make anf even insisted on new dishes to contain the sides she wanted to make. To I spent yesterday watching "Supernatural" and take her picture every so often.

If you are reading this, send us plates. I like a mismatched vibe, they strike me as elegant and fun while feeling "lived in".

I hope you are having a safe and relaxing holiday.