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Another month bites the dust

What even is life. Last night, I saw Beyoncé with my eyes. I saw the glitter on her eyelids, i saw that mass of 3B-ish curls, I sang "Beyoncé I can see your halo" over and over again. What a blessing. When I was maybe 17/18 and just getting into Tracy Chapman's music, my every other Facebook status was about how I'd willingly go anywhere to see her, just and long as she got close enuf to the boarder. Beyoncé came all the way to Soweto. That's a story for another time.

1. I won Global Citizen tickets!
I was starting to panick when I decided to go back and start taking actions again. I'd done a lot in the beginning but got discouraged when I wasn't in the first round of winners. But I anxiously got back to it and, in the final draw, won. Two days before I got the email, Nomantshali, whom I know through too many years of Twitter, DMed me to say she'd been given two tickets and Mphiwe and I could have them. I cried. A lot. But then I won! I will never forget that first DM tho, and her kindness nje over the years. What a lovely.

2. Night routine etc

I'm beginning wee three of something of a night routine. There've been a few nights where I have faltered but, overall, I am proud with where I am. Of course, my night products are a joke (I wash with my usual wash, tone and use a suss oil mix -- it's all I have at the moment). Ideally, I want to add rosehip oil and a creamy  moisturiser.

On week two of the night routine, I started a hydration challenge, which called for the addition on aloe gel.

3. Strawberry Blast
I received the cutest PR package I have ever received when Halls got in touch to share their new Strawberry Blast flavour. Basically, I'm pool party season ready thanks to Halls Strawberry Blast. Watch my unboxing highlight on Instagram to see the package, which included a flamingo floatie for ya ghel, a drinks floatie, beach blanket and their yummy new Strawberry Blast sweets!

4. On repeat

You know me, I'm a renown song repeater. November was a great month in the way of new (and new to me music), which demanded to constantly be played on repeat. I had a rotation of Beyoncé's "Wake Up" demo, Frank Ocean's "Chanel" and, of course, Ariana Grande's "thank u, next".

Nomali from soweto, south african lifestyle blogger, monthly favourites post, south African plus size blogger

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5. ASOS gave me my money!

So back in March, I bought a pair of jeans online. They were scheduled to arrive in April and, though I was sceptical, I still expected then to arrive eventually. Months passed. I wasn't really thinking about reporting the order as misding because I still wanted the jeans! Then on a very dry November Mondaty, the week of payday, I got an email saying I'd "returned" the order, which never arrived. I didn't question it because, suddenly, I was about to have R500+ in my account. It took about two days but I got my money! I obviously squandered it but ke. Speaking of money...

6. Making capitalism pinch less

Or whatever.

So in June, my job, which I've been at simce May 2017, announced that we'd "met financial targets" and that there'd be a little incentive nyana towards the end of the year. I've started talking about money and how I'm far from making enuf of it so this seems in line with that. They released payments in November and I'm pleased I will be able to pay for a short course for my sister in the new year without taking on debt. 

7. Picnic Ghels
On the 25 my sister came with me to a work event, which is a family-type picnic and music event. It's isually tedious to work but it was a little sweeter with my sister present.

I also had such a fun time photographing the Vaseline Lip Therapy range for my review.

How was your November? Which of the month's blog posts were your favourite?