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South African plus size blogger fashion recommendations

Since Spree became a part of Superbalist, I think it's been over a month now, I've been checking in more regulars so see new stock, whether the styles are changing etc. Within tge first week, I noticed that Superbalist moved the "Plus Size" tab higher on the menu, I've actually become accustomed to where it is. I've learnt that I don't enjoy looking at the new model (they're using just one) and I can't say she helps me gauge clothing well.

Superbalist has definitely been slow adding items to the plus size section. Spree would have a few new things weekly, while they were usually too ugly for my tastes, I appreciated seeing new additions. On Superbalist, there hasn't been much movement in the first month. And nothing they've added screams plus size summer! The straight sizes has things like rwaort, safari etc -- to represent all the kinds of summer vibe a person might want to have -- there's no such thing for the plus size section. Where is the swimwear? Why is there so much black stuff?

As glum as things look currently, here are six plus size fashion items from Superbalist that cost under R500, which I think you will want in your wardrobe! 

Superbalist plus size recommendation: Stylish Wrestler
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R349, Get it here
The first time I saw this I couldn't stop laughing about how thick the belt is on the back. But I will admit, I wouldn't think twice about getting it if it was white. I have my heart set on wearing an all-white look this summer.

Superbalist plus size recommendation: The Wedding Guest
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R499, Get it here

This dress screams wedding. I'm hitting my late 20s and, in leiu of friends, all the girls I started following in my late teens are attending weddings every month and christening godchildren as frequently. We are still here and our lives are changing! Maybe yours too. So for that occasion, that date circled on your calendar, here's a dress. Lol, if you don't hate your job you can also wear this to your office party.

Superbalist plus size recommendation: Sporty Spice
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R299, Get it here
This skirt it right up my alley! I currently own a similar one I bought at Ackermans a few years ago. Whether you style it with sneakers or sandals, it's going to come in handy this summer.

Superbalist plus size recommendation: DJ Anxiety

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R369, Get it here

I like these trousers because they're straigh-legged and give a smallayana tailored look. The lack of button and zip have me sceptical tho, what if it's too big?! Or sits under my muffin top?

Superbalist plus size recommendation: Faux Wrap Dress
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R349, Get it here
This is probably the only think that comes to close to being summer-like on this list: YAAAS thighs. It's a cute tulip design and I can see it transitioning well to summer office wear and later layering in the autumn -- can't you just see it with a kight jacket and tights in April?

Superbalist plus size recommendation: Summer Jumpsuit
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R339, Get it here
I was excited to see this jumpsuit. Part of me thought it could be exactly just what I need for my summer goth feels. The back is so low tho! You know how I feel about my comfy jumpsuits.

Yes, so far, Superbalist plus size feels like a several steps backwards. But all we can do is hope right? Hope they realise different fat people want different things from plus size fashion, start catering to us because our money is just as good.

Have you been keeping an eye on the new Superbalist plus size section? What are your thoughts?

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