The Plus size tulip skirt

Eventually owning this skirt wasn't quite I saw this October shopping adventure going. I went to a Pep store in the city to look at summer night dresses (read spaghetti-strapped nightdresses) and picked out two in the biggest sizes. There also a floral (or some other close pattern) skirt, which caught my eye. I spent more than 10 minutes scanning the tiny shelf trying to find one in a digit that seemed like it would fit me. In style, it reminded me of the MRP Fashion green and white wrap skirt in like a palm print. It still haunts my dreams. The MRP Fashion one.

I got home with my new, seasonal nightdresses only to find they barely fit and I wasn't about to spend the whole summer wearing a nightdress that was meant to ventilate me but failed. Nah. I took them back the very next day to a closer Pep store. I wasn't even thinking of a cash refund. I was going to exchange my failed spaghetti experiment for something else.

Again, I scanned the hangers for close to 15 minutes and I came away with two skirts. One in grey and this rust tulip number. I was more excited about the other skirt if I'm being honest. It's grey, easy. After wearing the tulip skirt for the first time, though, I realised I like it better. It fits in better. It's also a replacement of a legit skirt I bought from a factory shop when I was 19 and wore until it fell apart.

Of course, when I got home the regular guilt of buying new things and buying cheap things set in. The guilt shrunk remarkably though when I realised both skirts I things I like and will wear to death. Say hello to the bow as well.

Have you recently bought something new for the summer?

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