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I have been thinking about this post, and my bedroom style, for what feels like months now. THis is what I have so far...

 The last time I did a space wish list, it was in 2016 just around our first big move. I bought exactly one plant, which died. I bought sofas, but we never sat on them because the space was tight and it was better to watch TV in bed anyway. Now, here I am again, this time with my own, super personal space that needs a thoughtful touch.

Ahead of our move, I saved four two things, two months' rent and new beds. I'd spent years complaining about my old bed. The beds arrived in time for our first night. It would be a couple of months until my sister leaned into the power of having her own bedroom. First, she would exclusively take naps on her bed. Then she moved. This is when I realised how big my new bed is; I have almost fallen off it a few AMs. So the bed part of my bedroom is covered.

Honestly, be warned, most of these are merely placeholders for the things I want and only here to illustrate the point. Most things are the wrong colour or not *quite* what I have in mind. So I think they will do.

What's not pictured or taken into account is my previously mentioned, still pending giant framed image of Rihanna, which will hang on the wall beside my headboard. There's also the other little things I will continue to frame or stick to the walls. Neither are the two plants I want -- I want even more for the rest of the house.  Then there's the bedding and bedding and bedding.
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The chair
That I seriously want a chair in my bedroom is not a new thing. These velvet ones are speaking to me more and more. If only they weren't this expensive.

The headboard
The headboard demon has bitten me and I want it more than a lot of the things on this wish list. I don't want any of those faux leather ones with the button details. Nah. A plain fabric one or, if I suddenly become rich!, a dark velvet one.  

The display shelf
So in my bedroom, there's currently a chest of drawers, which didn't quite survive the move. The drawers are doing a sketch! I don't even open them anymore. The TV is still atop that chest -- my scam is, if a truck of money falls into my room then I want to buy a new, better TV for the living room. I didn't even imagine my room TV-free but now that I shelf on my mind, that bitch can go. 

The tall, three-tier shelf (much bigger than what's on this collage) will be home to a lot of my shit, but actually kept nice. I see the middle section housing all my skincare crap (well, the pretty bits anyway). The bottom shelf can be home to another cute thing: A pair of shoes, a few books.

The rug

Our bedrooms are carpeted. The carpet is an uninspired brown and quite stained from the previous tenants (carpet cleaners in Soweto, halla!) and I did appreciate having it in the winter. The rug will add a bit of something nice to an otherwise dull floor. I especially like this one because it reminds me of, like, a Matisse or something. I still need to rugs for the living room too.

The Soft touches
I really like the look of these feathery cushions and mats. They lend a luxe-nyana feel to things. Of course, I'll probably end up throwing mine at the back of one of the cupboard but the idea is NICE.

The mirrored container thing
I saw this on the MRP Home website as I was looking for images to illustrate my bedroom wish list and isn't it great! I imagine it at the top section of my shelf containing my many, many earrings or other things. 

If you'd told me at 24 that, two years later, I'd 1. finally live in a place I like, 2. Have a bedroom that inspires me and 3. my tastes would be all velvets and headboards and "soft touches" I probably would have laughed at you, mostly for the "two years from now" part.

I feel it's necessary for me to like to the gorgeous rug, so shop it here. Featured image by Rhema Kallianpur on Unsplash