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In August, I went on a quite last-minute press trip to the Eastern Cape. All in all, I was glad I shut down my anxieties and all the things that always tell me not to do things and packed a bag and went. By packed a bag, I literally mean a bag. It's not even one of those cute Country Road zip thru ones on the branded gym bags in that vein. Hey, I'm Nomali! I'm a beginner travel blogger and I don't have a suitcase.

That bag was packed diligently, lowkey, it wouldn't close at one point and I threw my toys. My sister repacked it and I still wasn't sure. Because of the sie of the bag, I packed something for each day of the trip, a pair of sandals and a dress. I would be travelling wearing trainers and a big ass work jacket. But because of the nature of the trip, it turned out I was severely under packed. The clothes I flew in, my most comfortable outfit, were a write off that first day. I went on dunes, walked all day and more. I could not possibly repeat the trousers later on during the trip. At the end of each day, we would check into our accommodations, shower the long day away and go out for dinner. If I hadn't packed that dress, I don't know what I would have worn. The newbie travel blogger in me saw the itinerary, looked at my pitiful bag and thought I could make it work. 

I did make it work, of course, but I could have been cuter! That bag has since gone out of commission, the handle broke on the third day of the trip lol.

This lesson about flights comes in two-fold, stay with me. I missed my morning flight from OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth because I kept trying to print my ticket. But here's the gag, which I realised when I boarded two hours later: I didn't have to. I had checked in the day before and gotten my thingie emailed to me. I was good. I could have just walked through with the proof on my phone! I have never been more annoyed with myself. Even as it was only my third flight, my first one doing all the logistics myself.

So I spent about twenty minutes being anxious AF, went to one of the counters and the guy there was pretty monotone, which I appreciated. Then he said something that was music to my ears! According to him, I could go to the British Airways counter and they would book me on the next flight. I was ecstatic! So I didn't have to waste that trip and possibly fuck up the relationship! It cost just under R200 (which I did not have!) to book me onto the next flight and I was in PE before 12. Those anxious 45 minutes were unnecessary, it turns out. You live and you learn.

south african travel blogger, south african lifestyle blog, small travel bloggers, plus size travel blogger, beginner travel blogger

Getting to travel and the opportunity to do some travel blogging because there are finally content ideas has been one of the best parts of 2018. These lessons have been gentle but much-needed. It can only get better from here. As for that suitcase, I have my eye on this Escape Society one

Featured image by Erol Ahmed and Image used in the graphic by STIL, both via Unsplash.

Please share your funny/embarrassing moments and lessons from your travels.