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Maybe this is a sign that i should give up on these monthly favourites posts; or, maybe a sign that I need to *do* more things? Who knows. All I know is that it's another first Sunday of the month and once more, it feels like I'm clutching at straws. Sometime in October, I got an email that made me gasp, someone was emailing because they wanted to collaborate with me on travel content. They've since ghosted me (lol) but it was such a reassuring feeling. It made me think hard and put (updated) numbers on the blog and my social channels.

Pink purse
I haven't been thrifting much this year. After electing to go "looking" after the too late breakfast I had with Heather, I was too full focus, let alone bend down. I looked at satiny pyjamas hoping for something in my size to wear as clothes. I tried to look at button downs but they were too ugly. I looked at loafers and was fascinated by a pair of Mark and Spencer kitten heel ankle boots. In the bags section, I looked closely and complained a lot. Then I saw it, a crocodile-look, hot pink purse with short handles. It's pretty. When I get my shelf for my bedroom and figure out how to clean the bag, it's going to be on display on one of the shelves.

I'm not really the target market for Anatii's music -- when I think of him all I think of is the diet culture fuelled "lost a lot of weight just to fit in Balmain" and the women in the shower in that video. Then there's Lucille Slade's cover of "Don't Forget to Pray", the song Anatii did with AKA. It's such a good, imaginative cover. I still need her to cover Anatii's radio hit, "Thixo Onofefe". Anyway. Anatii released a new album, which I thought was his first but turns out I'm wrong. Iyeza is filled with banger after banger (except "Zion") and I listened to it a lot on my commute. And at home.

Three whole years
Last week, I realised that October maried three years of me being reintegrated into the workforce. It still feels like just last week but also, it was a lifetime ago? Things are wildly different. I'm thinking of writing about that time and the years since but who knows if the words will come.

South African lifestyle blog, south african lifestyle blogger, south african beauty blogger,

South African lifestyle blog, south african lifestyle blogger, south african beauty blogger,

Oh So Heavenly scent
I don't do well with body sprays, when I get a new one, I use it consistently a few times then forget it. I recently got a body mist from Oh So Heavenly and I've used it every morning since I got it. What sold me is the fact that it's not an aerosol. It lists essential oils as an ingredient so it feels nice to wear.

Resumed business meetings
Well, Heather and I met once anyway. But along with a somewhat renewed enthusiasm for our collaboration and a good brunch, things look optimistic.

New summer clothes
I got a dress and two skirts. Buying new things always makes me anxious but the skirts came about because I went to Pep and bought myself two summer night dresses; you know, the ones with thin straps. But they fit too tightly and nobody needs that. I took them back and got two skirts instead. I'm excited about the rust, wrap-style skirt because it feels like finally replacing one of my favourite skirts from my early 20s.

I'm constantly asking ppl to take my picture. 🍒 It's not so much a narcissism as it is part of the road of documenting outfits and writing about my style or ranting about the lack of options for fat ppl. ✨ The downside however, is immediately when i get in front of the phone, i never know what to do. My sister, who carries much of the burden of taking my picture, rarely has much to work with. I'm always talking and pulling weird faces and poses. This set of images is from yesterday while waiting for Thabo. 💎 The hand-on-hip also makes me feel goofy af and after a while i get bored of just standing there so we stop. Will be studying fellow babes to see how they make taking pics look easy. In the meantime, find attached the okay ones from yesterday. #sdudlaootd #stylebynomali #fatshion #plussizeblogger #lovemychubclub #fatpositive #blackgirlswhoblog #southafricanblogger #discoverunder1k #plussizestyle #sdudlaootdss #shemightbe #size22style
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Wanderlust on Netflix
I've started watching Wanderlust, starring Toni Collette as Joy, a therapist who decides to have an open marriage after realising she and her husband don't find each other sexually attractive anymore. I've taken so long with ot because the episodes are almost an hour long and I usually fall asleep. 

I missed out on Fashion Week, MINI had invited me to something. I'm still not making enuf money to dull the anxiety of payday or the day I transfer my rent money. But it's November now!