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A monthly favourites post, somewhat

Since June, when I thought, "ghel, that May Favourites post was the one. Do another one"; I've found myself dreading the beginning of the month because I swore I had nothing to write about. I try to time the posts to go out on the first Sunday of each month and as I'm typing this on a Friday at my desk I am still wondering, what happened in September? I honestly have nothing to write about -- so I look at Instagram, at Twitter.

I just remember working a lot in September. I spent a Friday night standing in a basement in Braam at the sort of even to which I would never be invited. I spent an entire Sunday thirsty in the sun at Delicious Festival. Oh, there's a favourite: While working at Delicious Festival, I saw an artist named Tressor perform and it was nice enuf to spark a boner. Unlike the previous year's festival, I didn't eat anything memorable this time around.

The other day, I opened an American girl's blog I used to view quite a bit in, like, 2014 and was reminded she used to have a "what I did this weekend" series. In its simplest form, it was errands, lunch, maybe a movie. Other times it was visiting a different town. I wondered what kinds of hours they have in America; is a weekend also 48 hours there? Of course, a part of me wishes I had that kind of mobility -- money to spend on brunches, the means to be somewhere at 21h00 on a Saturday night. Mental health that would let me do all of it.

My internet friend's girlfriend had an art show opening and she asked me to come. I've been thinking about how people I know primarily because I had a Blackberry once, have coloured my world and altered my frame of reference. All it takes is my sister singing Lundi's "Umphefumlo Wam", a song I sang along to even before my sister was in my life, and all I can think about is my friend Sabelosami. It's like I couldn't sit at a McDonald's without thinking of Trevor for the longest time  This friend, whose girlfriend had the show, is also someone whose existence creeps into jokes that pre-date her but are also jokes that make me think of her.

After the show, I was asked, like, five times to come to dinner. The part of me that's always anxious to get to bed but always ends up falling asleep after 23:00 was fighting with the part of me that never wants a nice moment to end -- even as I can't wait to get home. The night was very nice and I managed to wake up for work the next morning.

I opened Instagram one day to find that writer, blogger and advocate Marie Southard Ospina had tagged me on a story. Opened it to that she'd recommended me as one of "37 Plus-size Influencers to Follow for the Ultimate Fall Fashion Inspiration." Citing this look. It's still unbelievable! So many babes, so many personal heroes. I attend yet another book launch for a friend -- people write and finish things! It's still so wild to me. At another work event, I got to watch the film, "20 Feet From Stardom", which I enjoyed a lot.

A part of me is still wondering what happened in September. A part of me is proud of how much better I've gotten at managing stress and bad mental health when things are just a blur. 

Favourite content in September:

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