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Sharing my spring + Summer beauty wishlist

As a person who has to put thought into how I spend money, what I buy or when I buy, I make a lot of wishlists in my head. From clothing I want to buy from international plus size brands and retailers and cosy and luxe bedding to very expensive "miracle" skin care products -- they all live in wishlists. I've been thinking about the products I need to hopefully "fix" my skin woes.

- Sunscreen, R170-ish
There are many things I do wrong when it comes to skin care. For instance, the fact that I don't really have a nighttime routine. I am also hella late to the sunscreen game. Remember when I got that Eucerine free sample? I used that girl without much of a routine and have not made any effort to get any more since then. 

But because I'm thinking about vitamin c-rich products, chemical exfoliants and such, sunscreen becomes a pivotal part of the routine. It just is. If I'm being real, I'm likely to buy the Nivea sunscreen for kids than anything else.

- Neutrogena hydro boost gels, R141
You know me! I love the hydro boost range. If I had my way, I'd buy everything at least once. But because I'm thinking about the kind of bbz I want to be this summer, hydration is at the very top. I want to glow which means I have to be hydrated af. A water-based moisturiser seems like the best place to start.

south african beauty blogger, south african blogger, south african lifestyle blog,

 - Nivea Urban Detox masks, R99
I've been thinking about the Nivea Detox masks since Cosmopolitan did that promo on Instagram. They think the selling point is that it's a one-minute mask but it just made me realise how much I missed a clay mask in my routine. The masks come in two: A pore refining mask and a moisturising mask. I want the moisture one!

- From the Ordinary: Peeling Solution (R225) and Lactic acid (R196) both via BayOne
When I was buying the latest round of Freeman Beauty Masks, I again searched Twitter for guidance. Konje which one of the sugar scrubs did Alesia recommend? While I have had The Ordinary in my sights for a while, I  again, lean into the wisdom of the tried and tested. So the Lactic acid, in particular, is on this list because it comes highly recommended by my favourite beauty person, beauty aficionado and columnist Alesia Pullins. The peeling solution is here because, well it's red!

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Things I will likely end up getting soon:

Garnier Pure Active Daily PoreReducing Toner
This toner comes highly recommended by Heather aka Babes Weskincare. I will buy it for the reasons I bought the Neutrogena toner -- salicylic acid!

PS: Why you should try the Garnier Pure Active 3 in 1 mask