grow instagram as a blogger, instagram growth for bloggers
Hi Friends, I set myself a goal to grow my Instagram to 1, 000 followers by 31 December. Here's how that's been going.

My Instagram growth background

For most of 2017 I was all about reaching 500 followers on Instagram. I'd created a public account for my blog the previous year, and even though I was a little frustrated by the platform and not knowing what I wanted to do, I was keen for growth. Around the 300 followers mark I'd even entered a Woolworths competition: They were looking for"small" "influencers" to be part of the campaign for their soon-to-be-launched Edition line. I think they'd hand-picked the likes of Palesa Kgasane and Bambatha Jones and more and needed some plebs to round it up. My entry was super fat and I was proud. I started tweeting regularly about my desire to reach 500 followers so my entry didn't look too pathetic in the numbers department. I reached the the 500 during the #SdudlaOOTD summer challenge, here's what I learnt and quickly forgot.

Why I care about my social media numbers and growth

The simple answer is that I want to make money. I need a second income stream. I enjoy writing here, I enjoy creating my shaky videos and over-tweeting. I'm a content person professionally, so I know there's a market for collaborating with companies. In terms of writing, it's difficult pitching and placing stories in publications that aren't my blog, which is why most of my criticism can be found right here. I'm already doing, and loving, the work. I know there is potential to earn money from it. Having what I do online as a line of income will help me do more of what want to do. I currently want to do more lingerie content. For my video content to be more consistent, I might need a camera. All that requires money.

grow instagram as a blogger, instagram growth for bloggers
My current social media growth challenge for my blog

It's not just an Instagram challenge, it's across the board. I wanted to grow my Twitter to 800 (from 693),  which I surpassed at the end of September. In my head, as someone who uses Twitter unhealthily and is always on there, my growth is stagnant and 800 was going to be uphill. I've since updated the goal to 950 by 31 December. From the trajectory of things, I haven't been gaining more than 20 new followers a month on Twitter, which I think is why I'd kept the goal quite low and reasonable.

I also have Facebook and my newsletter on there, both are dismal. It makes sense in the case of the newsletter since it hasn't launched. Facebook, on the other hand, is ridiculous. I'm lucky if I gain two new likes

A look at the Instagram growth picture

grow instagram as a blogger, instagram growth for bloggers, instagram growth tips,
The numbers were pulled out of thin air -- did I actually expect to gain over 100 new followers in August or did I make a mistake? I've previously mentioned this but I haven't much of a strategy. I think much of the growth in September came from being featured on a style story on Elite Daily. That's a break I'm unlikely to get again anytime soon. Want to see how bad my planning for this goal is? I expect to somehow get 100 new followers between 18 and 31 December 😂.

I've set 1, 000 as the goal because it's going to get me on Webfluential, which pays money for campaigns. As much as my mini goals are unrealistic and I haven't done much in terms to a strategy, I do see myself meeting this growth goal on Instagram. As for my other platforms (I didn't even set a goal for YouTube)... I don't know!

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