netflix south africa review
What's new and popular on Netflix (and is available on Netflix South Africa!) and whether it's worth watching

I easily fall out of habit with watching things on Netflix. Most evenings, I'd rather just mindlessly scroll through Twitter than put my phone on aeroplane mode to watch something. Other than watching the new season of Atypical, one of my favourite shows on Netflix, on one weekend, I've found myself clicking on the Netflix pp more often in recent weeks. Surprisingly, it has been for their films!

To All The Boys I Loved Before
Romantic gold, a darling that's sure to sweep at the People's Choice Awards next year, or whenever the awards will be next held. 

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Lara Jean Covey has two sisters (one older, one younger), a dead mother, a white father and a cute box at the back of her wardrobe filled with love letters to boys she, at one point, thought she was IN LOVE with. The letters get out, as in the already stamped envelopes are posted! 

Enter Peter Kavinsky. He's in Lara Jean's class, has a scar on his face and such a lovely face overall. After Peter Kavinsky's girlfriend, Lara Jean's former-best-friend-turned-nemesis dumps him, dumps him he and Lara Jean decide to be a fake couple. It's a cute rollercoaster of personal worlds colliding with the "real world" and learning to let go.

 netflix south africa review
Sierra Burgees is a Loser
When I saw a trailer for this film it was in the wake of the Insatiable trailer and controversy. Then here comes this tall, fat girl who's funny and confident who falls in live with a boy on the phone! In reality, this wasn't a great movie. There's the big plot which is all catfishing -- she kisses a boy who hasn't consented to it! There are bad jokes that are ableist and transphobic -- I cringed more than a few times. Not forgetting the ting Sierra Burgee does to her new friend!

I'd say watch it anyway. It wasn't melted hearts from start to finish but I enjoyed it. The writer was so committed to the bad catfish story they'd written, they couldn't see the better film staring them in the face: The friendship between the two girls! The Odd Couple who?

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Nappily Ever After
Nappily Ever After, another one of Sanna Lathan's "boujie black woman changes her hair and gets free" vehicles, isn't so much popular as it is being well-promoted. The week it came out, a bunch of people from South African magazines were in LA for the Nappily Ever After premier (I noted people from ELLE and Bona). The machine has been working hard to push this flick and, even though we watched it, no marketing can take away the fact that the film is at least a decade late.

A black woman in her 30s who works in advertising treats her straight hair like a daily chore. When her boyfriend is sleeping over, she wakes up and does her hair and breads it on her pillow so when he wakes up she looks like a weird person who doesn't wrap her hair. When she doesn't get a ring on, like, her birthday -- he got her a puppy! -- she wears a series of bad wigs and ends up shaving her head.

What are you enjoying on Netflix currently?

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