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I'm here to tone police Moonchild Sanelly

Originally published on my now-defunct TinyLetter on 27 September 2017

Listen, Busiswa wants my man and I'm packing his overnight bag. I'm calling him an uber. Fuck that, I'm learning to drive and dropping him off mathupha.
Busiswa's discography, at its most basic, or should I say with the laziest read you can imagine, presents a self-assured woman going about her business. She's opening dance circles, making men cry, praising other women, grabbing life for a kill and leaving just as the party is getting "fun." Because she'd done what she came there to do and no amount of "fun" or a place being the place to be can make her stay. But that's just my surface reading.
The first line of the DJ Maphorisa-led, Tira-adlibbed "Midnight Starring" told me that I was listening to a new Busiswa classic. There's no "if" or "okay, maybe ke..." Do what you must do but she's getting hers. Make no mistake, he isn't a prize but she'll get what she wants from him. And there's very little you can do about it. I do not believe that women who participate in cheating are guiltless but excuse me I'm dancing. Imma let you finish, but Busiswa deserves to package all the mans if she so desires.
The ominous thing is that she doesn't say she wants him (thank god he doesn't sound very interesting) or how she's getting him, just that she is.This is iconic Busiswa. Sadly, hers isn't the catchy verse on the track. Powerful as she is in her assertions and signature delivery, I find myself absently reciting "future wifey" before catching myself constantly.

The catchy verse is not especially good and I'm here to tone police the delivery decision Moonchild Sanelly made. Why is Moonchild Sanelly on a song about a Midnight Starring conquering ibrows on fleek to get the strokes she desires, adopting the cadence of a teenage girl writing in the sand with her big toe? What the fuck? Her contribution should have been stopped at the responding "yebo." She's typing and deleting and biting her lips and...on this song???

 While I find her verse to be catchy, I think I'm petty enuf to leave a prospective dancefloor when the song gets to this. There's a place for what Moonchild Sanelly does, I guess... But that place is definitely not on a Busiswa song. Ghel stays on beat shem but a Busiswa song calls for more.

Full disclosure: I never really got the "Rabubi" and "Guestlist" -- Moonchild's previous songs -- thing. Maybe I'm not the market. Even with my biases fully clocked, this unsure verse, which sounds like she delivered it while hiding behind her mum's phinifa, does not belong on what is sure to one of my future anthems.