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In continuing with the transparency about money, I thought I'd write a little about spending but not really spending. My sister's birthday was in August, and even though I'm not a birthday person, I always try to make it special for her in whichever way is possible at the time. While I was not able to bring Camp Suited to life and have been leaning towards a holiday later in the summer in January of February, for which I haven't yet even started saving, I still wanted to do a little something for her. 

So we got cake, sparkling wine, hella snacks and that four juices deal nobody told me about! I also picked her up a new pair of jeans and a top at one of my favourite places in the CBD to shop for her. The look is so cute and v spring. When we met up at the mall close to home, my fav had had quite a bit of time to window shop and all she was talking about was that a cute top and the shoes she's wanted for a while were both the last one on the rack. 

We went to get the eats first and at the end, we got the got the two Mr Price items she wanted. Because I had a Woolworths voucher that I won at work, I didn't have to spend cash on the birthday-y food and whatever snacks she wanted. This gave me a bit of room in terms of giving more clothes as gifts.

The other big spend, which didn't cost me a lot was an order I filled immediately after I got paid. The items had been sitting in my cart and I jumped on it immediately when I had some money in my account. This wasn't me being reckless, it was because Spree (RIP) had a 40% sale going on. The items were R778.00 and there was no way I would pay that. The discount code saved me R311.00. I then applied the R299.00 I still had in store credit for a previous order. I ended up paying R167.00 for the items!

Earlier in the year, these two things would have been almost no-brainers. I probably would have opted to add a lower amount to my moving savings, which were what I was pre-occupied with at the time, and just buy the clothes I wanted and get my sister something nice.

South african lifestyle blog, south african plus size blogger, black blogger money diary
Trying on my new clothes

Have you recently found yourself saving on something that would have cost you a lot too? Please share in the comments or your payday/online shopping tricks and strategies.