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I'm a plus size Spree shopper and I'm shook by the merger with Superbalist and other shopping stories.

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The thing about being a fat person who loves clothes is everything I want to wear lives in my head. I am always planning outfits, sometimes I take it to Instagram by way of the "save" tool. For instance, I'm currently dreaming of an all-white summer look. The lack of of options for plus size shoppers is what keeps most of my style dreams in my head. But even on the rare occasion that I do spot something, the ridiculous prices tend to keep me from buying what I want to wear -- or something close to it.

You may remember seeing me in a faux leather skirt before with this skirt from Donna. While I was sitting with this gorgeous (yes slit!!!) faux leather skirt from Style Republic Plus at Spree in my cart, my friend Sabelosami sent me a picture of me wearing tge Donna skirt. My answer was "hold on to your wig because I have another way on the way."

 blogger, how to style a plus size faux leather skirt, spree on superbalist, kisua albetina sisulu t-shirt
I didn't really. I was still waiting to see, come payday, if it was possible. I ended up ordering the skirt and a crop shirt -- the latter turned out to be terribly sized. As much as I complain about Spree, I've been worried about their merger with Superbalist. Superbalist has proven that they don't care about fat customers. As much as they've put "plus size" in a lot of their What to expect from Spree becoming Superbalist communication, it hasn't set my mind at ease. How long until the plus sizes are once again just one ugly, Friday at the club jumpsuit from Misguided? Not to mention that Superbalist can get very expensive.

But Spree is becoming Superbalist and all I can do is hope for the best. Maybe they'll get Forever 21+. Maybe they'll do inspired fashion (and beauty!) stories with actual fat people in them. Maybe they'll make my Style Republic dreams come true and put more stylish items in the plus range. It's happening, even though I don't like it!

Plus size south african blogger, how to style a plus size faux leather skirt, spree on superbalist, victory is ours masisulu100 at kisua
Skirt - Style Republic at Spree, T-Shirt - Victory is Ours via Kisua, Duster - Donna, Shoes - c/o Ackermans, Baret - Ackermans

 blogger, how to style a plus size faux leather skirt, spree on superbalist

I got the t-shirt, which is a collaboration between Kisua and the Albertina Sisulu Bursary Fund For Nurses, at work. All proceeds will go to the fund, which will hopefully result in more nurses being trained and joining the fractured public health system. Get one if they're still available. I finally wore my new Ackermans sandals! They're so comfy. When I get my feet sandal-ready, it's over.

I was supposed to buy a new beret this winter but it didn't happen. At least my old Ackermans beret still works. Anyway, it's spring now.