August was a big month, I'm still tired from it all. It's also probably the year getting to me because we've beeen at it, eight months down.

1. My sister turned 21
I'm not a birthday person. My own birthday is a constant sad day. But as with everything else, I make an effort for my sister's sake. 
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On the second to last day of August, my fav had her birthday. We didn't do the "Camp Suited" party that I've been thinking about for months because things still cost money. But I hope it was a good day for her, I certainly enjoyed it.

2. Discovering the Eastern Cape
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August was also the month I added a new (only third) province to my visited list. I got to spend four days in the Eastern Cape with SA Tourism. I missed my very early morning flight due to a very obvious error but I forgave myself because it was only my third flight ever, ever. Check out my videos from the trip on my channel.

3. Overstayed my welcome at someone's house
South african lifestyle blog

I never socialise and I think this was my first time getting invited to someone's house as an adult. I was there chatting and eating and being awkward well into the night. Sorry to the bbzes that I overstayed but they had scones, ffs.

4. Little red dress
I haven't been as into a clothing item as I am into this red dress from Jet. For me, Jet is always a hit-miss with me; other than the jeans, most thing I've bought there have been compromises. It's always a "ah well, I need clothes" feeling. But this time, I was really excited.  And, damn, I feel good.

5. The Huji App
From shooting the bulk of my Eastern Cape travel diary on the app to taking smol, everyday snaps. And taking really cute sets of my sister, the Huji camera app has been an MVP in August for me.

6. I'm still thinking about my lunch in Uitenhage

Food is amazing! If I could, I would have the samp and oxtail meal at least once a week.

7. "Still in this bitch lit!"
There was a lot happening in August, wu. Aside from being physically tired, having a huge fucking workload I found myself going through some heart things. Ugh, being a person! Although I was annoyed with myself for getting pulled in and doing, you guessed it, too fucking much, it's always great realising that "you will not die". I'm still here etc.

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How was your August?