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All this yummy in my tummy

I'm sharing a smallanyana food diary from my trip to the Eastern Cape -- this will likely be my final post from the trip. I do, however, have two more videos coming. The first is already up and it's all about my quad biking experience.

Day One:
south african lifestyle blog, restuarants in uitenage

south african lifestyle blog, restuarants in uitenage

south african lifestyle blog, restuarants in uitenage
I was such a motherfucking snob at the first meal I shared with the strangers I went on to spend four days with. I got umgqusho because it was right there with oxtail . Also because we're in the Eastern Cape, the place where it's bound to be the best. It's also where I fell in love with a bread -- they called it rostekoek -- but it completely reminded me of the steamed bread a friend of my mother's made. It wasn't ujeqe, it was on a plein beyond.

For supper, we went to Black Impala Tshisanyama in New Brighton. The spread was grayt. But the mistake of partaking in the Mogodu Monday festivities, wgich involved small jeqe balls. By the time the meat came out I could only nibble.

Day Two:
south african lifestyle blog, the beach hotel port elizabeth breakfastsouth african lifestyle blog

south african lifestyle blog, the best calamari in st francis bay

south african lifestyle blog, joefish restaurant review

south african lifestyle blog, joefish restaurant review, restaurants in st francis bay
At breakfast at The Beach Hotel, we sat in the wrong place but eventually relocated to inside the restaurant and I wish I'd had a bit more because the ride to St Francis Bay from Port Elizabeth was long and about two hours after arriving before we had lunch. At the farm, we enjoyed a cheese spread, which was followed calamari and then a cute AF braai spread.

For supper on this day, we went to Joe Fish, a restaurant in the St Francis Resort. I couldn't get much down. I also fell in love with one of the men cooking.

Day Three
south african lifestyle blog, cape st francis resort breakfast

south african lifestyle blog

south african lifestyle blog

We started with a delicious, filling breakfast to energise us for the drive ahead and a day of adventure. After supper, where I went back twice for dessert and polished my dinner, I only managed to get a picture of just the flying fish lol.

Day Four
The food was not popping on day four. The breakfast wasn't anything to write home about and I ended up having to put my lunch away because there was just something that didn't work for me.

Eastern Cape food favourites:

Favourite Restaurant
It's technically not a restaurant, but the Bat and Boerboon took the cake for me in terms of mood and food. We were outside, enjoying the sun and the braai was so tasty.

Favourite Meal
Definitely umgqusho and bread on day one. Is was sooo good.

Favourite hotel Breakfast
I really enjoyed the breakfast we had on day three. The Cape St Francis Resort provided us with a cook who came up to one of the villas to make breakfast and the moment I came up, I wished I'd woken up earlier. The spread was stunning and it was cosy because it was in "our space".

That's another page of my Eastern Cape diary done. Thank you for reading!