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We need to talk about money

So I've been talking a lot about my new place, how happy I am to be here etc but what I haven't been talking about is the financial pinch I've been feeling due to the move and now paying significantly more for rent.

Don't misunderstand me, the place is hella reasonably priced for what it is and where it is. For this rent money, I would have gotten a barely decent flat in the CBD -- I know because I looked. For over a year. Not only did I get the place of my dreams with the right conditions (read chill neighbourhood, no other tenants fucking up the vibe) but I have been able to do it without moving far out. My sister is closer to all her things (school, church, friends) without having to take local taxis, which had been her life for nearly two years. I'm also central for my lift to work or the taxis should my transport situation ever change.

But as I wait for an increase at work or a second or third income stream, I knew somethings will have to change so I'm still okay. I can't be anyone's emergency phone call during the month, which I find myself regretting. In fact, I had a trip this week, which came up suddenly last week, and I couldn't raise the money to get to the airport. To make things worse, I missed my flight and had to pay a rebooking fee, more money I had to pay that I didn't have. Luckily a bbz came all the way through for my anxious ass and I made it.

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I'm no stranger to a tight budget, tho. Of course, I do wish I was farther along in finances than I was six years ago so I'm doing what I have to do.

The first thing to go in July was my Uber Eats problem. I again started taking extra care to ensure my work breakfast supply was replenished and that I had lunch on me. And on the days I forget my skhaftini, I've out a five-pack of noodles on my desk so I have an option. I won't lie, I'd gotten a little too takeaway lunch wild. At first, it was the company staple of Nando's. Then I started exploring Uber Eats. There's nothing wrong with a treat or ordering lunch but I would sometimes be at the point where if I'm lazy to pack iskhaftini then I would not do it. I know I'm exaggerating because weeks would go by without any food orders but then there'd be weeks where I ordered twice or three times.

My go-tos were Mochachos and Mugg and Bean.

Since realising that I have to watch my spending to be on the safe side, I've also been noticing how many small payments I have going off lol. For example, my Google Music subscription goes off on the 8th every month and I've been shocked both times it's happened.

First week of August Spending Diary

Lol this is definitely not a Refinery29-level money diary but here's an idea of what I spent at the beginning of the month, aside from rent, groceries and transport.

I'd promised Mphiwe a pair of black court heels from Fashion World so we got those for R169

On payday (lol) I ordered swimming costumes that were in the Spree sale. Counting the R100 I had in my Spree Wallet, I ended up paying R370. Only one swimming costume came and the rest of the money was put into my store "credit". It already feels like future free money!

I took a taxi home on Thursday and Friday, which cost me R50

I bought KFC Zinger Wings, which I'd been craving, for R100

Do you track your spending? What are your go-to apps?

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