south african plus size blogger, plus size leopard print coat

As a plus size woman, sometimes wearing short things publicly has to be an act of god.

south african plus size blogger, jet plus size dresses,

south african plus size blogger
Coat: hand-me-down, Dress: Jet, Shoes New Balance via Superbalist, Earrings are from Sister Bozza

There are some perks to not having a full-length mirror at home. That and wearing a coat that's marginally longer than your dress... Last Friday, freshly back from a whirlwind trip to the Eastern Cape, I went into work feeling like what I assume the actors are going for when they play "hungover" on Generations. ButI had to go in because I had a commitment, which fell through -- they really could have told me to stay my exhausted ass at home. But then the magic would not have aligned to create this look, this moment or feeling.
south african plus size blogger, plus size leopard print coat
This dress is a chameleon. The first time I saw it under the storest glaring lights, it was orange. When I went back weeks later and bought it, it was still orange. When I got it home, however, it was red. Considering that I didn't try it on -- who has the patience for fitting rooms on a Sunday? -- the colour being completely different was the least of my worries. I love it. 

When I got to work and eventually went to the toilet, my fav mirror told me that kuwild. Don't fet me wrong, I own and enjoy wearing shorter things. But I always have anxiety about wearing short things to a place as a public as the CBD. This is where my envy of obbz I see at malls wearing wrinkled, short Mr Price dresses -- wrinkled because they're driving. That freedom must be amazing.

When I put the coat on it was "just to see" and if it worked, I would then wear it in the photos. I liked the look so much and the weather was so perfect for it, my coat ended up getting its first, real excursion. Am I now a coat-wearing person?