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So I thought I wasn't going to have much to put down in my June favourites post because, as usual, the month flew right by. But I made it through and we moved, this will be day six at our new place! So here are a few small, and very big, things that brightened my June.

This will probably be in the top five of my highlights for 2018. I got to fly to Durban for a few hours and be inside the new Suzuki cars. Not to mention the hotel stay.

2. My Durban Vlog

I'm very proud of this video. I get gassed whenever I think about it. It's not professional Youtuber levels, of course, but I'm not a professional Youtuber and within my aesthetic and resources, I'm glad I did it and that it came out well. Watch it here. Like and comment and share if you enjoyed it. I'd like to get the video to 100 views.

3. A small Spree haul
At the end of May I put in a Spree order for items I was excited for: a shirt dress, glitter socks and a mini skirt. I had to return the skirt because it didn't fit but I was happy with everything else. 

4. Blog content
I already tweeted this but I think my June content was great and consistent. Read everything I posted here.

5. Being a stan
June was also the the month I realised I've converted one of my colleagues into a Bonang stan. It's so nice to talk current pop culture developments with someone who's also keen and and plugged in. There's nothing more boring than talking in the open plan and someone feeling the need to chime in how shallow/not important pop culture is. Or being forced to say, for the 100th time, that Nas is an abuser thanks on the album.

6. New lipsticks 😍
These were also end-of-May purchases and I'm obsessed with the brown lipstick. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen these in my story quite a bit.

7. The family album
I don't remember the last time I looked at our album before this June. Of course, I know every photograph by heart but it's still so comforting to see them. 

I look forward to these monthly favourites posts including films and books (lol) and other things. Last month I added two people to follow and support but I'm not sure if anyone cares...let me lnow if I should include more follow recommendations.

How was your June?