instagram story hacks, instagram story tips for bloggers

Hi vlog subscribers! I'm sharing Instagram story features you probably don't know about as fellow small Instagramers

I'm a still a newbie and small Instagramer. I got my public account in 2016 because I wanted to publicise my blog and become the blogger with multiple platforms I was destined to be. And let's face it, having multiple platforms with decent engagement is better than just having a bomb blog when you want to monetise. I got the account but didn't really use it until 2017. I set a goal to reach 500 followers before the year ended but only reached that number early in 2018. Recently, I set a goal to reach 1k followers before 2018 ends with mini monthly goals. So far, I've met both the May and June monthly growth goals.
instagram sotry hacks for bloggers, instagram story for bloggers,

instagram story hacks, instagram story tips for bloggers

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that my stories are not always there when you call and they are pretty plain but I enjoy the feature -- both as a consumer and creator. But being a small fish in the giant Instagram pond means that there are plenty of features the programme has locked me out of. I remember seeing people I follow saying "swipe up" in their stories but just not getting what they meant. Swipe up to where?

I work in digital and handle quite a bit of social media and handling Instagram accounts with tens of thousands of followers has shown me a few features that I personally don't have. Before we get started, follow me on Instagram if you don't already.

Stories on Facebook
I wrestled this with this for days, googling "how to add Instagram stories to your Facebook page" and other variations only to find that I don't have the button. But those who do get to have their stories appear in the Facebook stories section. The gag? They don't have to create all-new content. Facebook pulls the content from their IG stories.
posting your instagram story on facebook, instagram story hacks, instagram story tips for bloggers

instagram story tips for bloggers, how to post your instagram story on facebook

Story chop
So I follow a lot of people who have been on Instagram for ages and have grown a substantial following. I was always impressed by how impeccable their talking stories are because, for me, the stop and start nature of the videos leaves me blabbing and sounding incoherent. But it turns out my favs have had help with their (mostly) smooth and single-minded video chats. 

If you open your phone's gallery and select a video clip longer than the allocated 15 seconds, Instagram chops it up for you to 15-second bites. And sends it all out in sequence. WHAT.
instagram story hacks, instagram story tips for bloggers

Gallery beyond 24 hours
Okay, you probably know about this one because a few months ago, Instagram released the feature to allow users to upload images from deeper in their galleries than 24 hours to the general population. Then it was abruptly taken away. Or so we thought. It's still there, available only to those with the follower count.
instagram story hacks, instagram story tips for bloggers, posting old pics on your instagram story

The curious thing about Instagram is that sometimes the features aren't released to all the people with the numbers. For instance, one of my favourite style people, Bethany, often posts "link n bio" in her story because she still doesn't have the "swipe up" method. This Instagram story guide from one of my current favourite Instagramers last year gave me confidence using stories. Of course, my posts were still ugly but I felt empowered. 

I hope this made you understand that bloggers and other content creators wanting growth isn't just for our egos. It can help us earn money, which can better our lives and if you like someone's work, why not? But growth can also give us access to different tools on these websites.

What's your favourite Instagram story feature?