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I flew to Durban last week

Last week I unexpectedly had a change of schedule and got to go to Durban. We cover motoring at work -- one of my colleagues does it primarily -- and the chance presented was that I go on a press trip to Durban for the launch of the new Suzuki Swift. So, obviously, you can imagine how anxious and close to saying, "no, thanks," I was. Why leave my desk and go to the unknown when I can sit at my desk and die slowly? The trip would also be my first time flying and staying at a hotel. I was excited and anxious in equal parts!

Back to Durban. 

After enjoying take off and landing -- I don't think I'll forget craning my neck to look out at the water as the plane descended at King Shaka International. I hadn't been to the province in seven years so of course I was looking at the fucking trees and smiling at all the road signs i recognised. I'd never been to Zimbali before and arriving in the dark kept the beauty of the area hidden to me until the next morning.
South african lifestyle blog, what to do in zimbali

Lol I even did an outfit change for the gala presentation. I'm I'm wearing a gifted Spree dress

South african lifestyle blog, Fairmount Zimbali hotel
Looking outside from my room's balcony was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. The shower, which I had before balconying was also great. I had a beetroot juice shot and that's as holistic hoe 18 as I've ever been.
South african lifestyle blog, hotel staycation fun, south african plus size blogger, plus size travel blogger

South african lifestyle blog, plus size travel blogger

We went for two drives in both cars, which were amazing because Durban is scenic af. We then had lunch at a camping thing on Salt Rock beach with artisanal coffee, gin, ice cream and bunny chow stands. Cute nje.

Fun things to do in zimbali

I met really lovely bloggers and journalists, got a close look at motoring PR and had an overall great experience filled with firsts. My heart was warmed by how happy for me my colleagues and online mutuals were. I was excited and it was great to have excitement reflected back to me. The one downside of the trip was the white hotel gown not fitting me. I missed out on a great selfie.

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