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Hi friends, this is my May  in review!
I don't know that many people have noticed, but towards the end of May, this blog got a new design. I'd been thinking about the prospect of a self-hosted situation but Heather, my internet friend and business partner, was very rude to me about it and was just like, "maybe post more." Which, true. I'm still on Blogger.

My viewing and reading habits have been questionable recently, I watch and rewatch episodes of a show I will not name every night and I can't remember the last article I read. 

1. Blog redesign
I bought this design with the last of my money the day before payday and went through a day or two of panic because I couldn't for the life of me figure out how to make work for this blog. While I'lI likely change a few things still, I'm still so happy with how things are looking!

2. Business breakfast
As part of our business woman thing, Heather and I met twice early in the month to eat and, like, talk about our project. It's starting to feel hella real.

3. Rediscovering my pink All Stars
I got bored pretty quickly of all the compliments I have gotten at work about how "cute" these Converse All Stars I bought when I was 20. Small talk is a long ting when you see people daily.

But rediscovering these shoes has meant me wearing them a lot too.
south african plus size blogger

4. A Spree haul
I added some cute Spree things to my wardrobe. A voucher and a discount code ended up meaning that my whole order was free, which is was something to squeal about

Hint: The order included glitter socks! 

5. A new YouTube video
I enjoyed editing this video and I think I've learnt a few tricks/feel more confident with the type of fashion videos I want to make.

6. Freelancing?
I spent the last week of May creating a website to help me be serious about my freelancing. I need to make more money so l I can feel like the ground beneath my feet isn't just going to sink. I'm hoping to put all my ideas and suggestions about all things digital into consulting and freelancing for small businesses. I was going to write the copy for it this weekend but I was too preoccupied and anxious to write.

7. A breakthrough
Last week it felt like my house situation might be changing, the hope is still there and all my fingers are crossed and bum clenched.

Who to follow:

Follow Buhle on Instagram for great face beat looks!

Read my friend Mercy's short stories and buy them a coffee to help them reach a financial goal. 

I also set very realistic growth goals for my Instagram and Twitter and, of course, that means I've been stressing about it ever since. 

How was your May?