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On clothes I wear too much or never enuf

Am I the only person who runs out of outfit ideas as soon as I add a new item to the mix? This is probably due to the fact that I don't go out and not everything works for work so I'll keep an item I was excited about and forget all the ways I wanted to style it in the first place.

My sister's approach to new clothes is that if it doesn't need to be washed first, she'll wear something the moment we get home. On the other hand, a new item of mine can stay in the shopping bag in one of my many drawers for months. The case here tends to be that I bought something but it ended up not fitting how I wanted so my disappointment was hard to hide.

It's even worse when the weather changes. Right now I'm all legs and I can't seem to remember what I wore last winter. ANd the winter before that, I wore two things only: This dress and a thrifted parka. Those two items were suddenly the only items on the desert that is my wardrobe.

This Mnike skipa is one such item and I'm actually surprised at myself for managing to wear it more than once. It's a t-shirt after all and I was excited about it but I've been drawing a blank about styling it for weeks. Here are two looks you've likely seen on my IG.

south african plus size blogger, south african lifestyle blog, superbalist sneakers
Top: Sho Ngwana, Trousers: Jet, Shoes: New Balance via Superbalist, Everything else old

south african plus size blogger, south african lifestyle blog
Top: Sho Ngwana, Skirt Foschini, everything else is old

In the end, as much as I love clothes, getting out of bed is my only priority each morning and when that has been achieved, outfit ideas I've been plotting based on an item I've been waiting for to go on same be damned.