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Great chairs from Mr Price Home and @home

 When I was 13, my mother, sisters and I moved back to something of a family house -- there were uncles and girlfriends of uncles and everything -- and in the sitting room, there were two chairs. One of the chairs was a dining table one I remember from when I was nine and it's where you'd often find me during Generations. Then there was a wicker one with a cute pillow that my mother bought for herself. In my current frenzy to move and finally create "my own space" I've been thinking a lot about my mother's chair. I'll probably buy one for myself too for a stack of books or whatever in my future bedroom.

A certain blogger I follow on IG has had your ghel craving lush, cushiony chairs that come in great bold colours for weeks now. This chair thirst, of course, will not apply only to my potential future bedroom. I’ve found myself thinking about a thrifted armchair that will break up the living room nicely or add a bit of character.

Featured imaged by Kari Shea on Unsplash.

So I finally went trawling for great chairs on both the Mr Price Home and @home websites and I think this a decent representation of what’s on there in relation to my tastes and needs.

south african lifestyle blog, chairs from mr price home, home interiors blog,Great chairs from Mr Price Home and @home

Living room decor will be a whole new territory for us when we move because while we sort-of have one where we currently live and have sofas, the room is more of a storeroom that we don’t use because of how small it and it’s better to watch TV in the other room.

Along with a beautiful, big rug, an armchair is definitely up there on my living room wishlist of things that would make the prospective space feel cosy and like it is mine. THese chairs are definitely way above my paygrade in terms of pricetag but maybe my furniture thrifting DNA will kick in when i have the space for all the things.

What's currently on your bedroom wishlist?