Walking into autumn like...

I just wanted to put these here because looking at them after I made Thabo (the guy from work who drives the khumbi I take instead of going via town) take made me feel nice.

An untold theme of my wardrobe is how many old items of clothing I leave for years only to fall back into their sweet embrace like nothing ever happened. But even with that pattern, I'm so glad that it's been years (my teenage years) since I've had clothes that were awaiting my weightloss. Some clothes I forget and other clothes no longer fit and are waiting for better homes.

Both the all stars and hoodie are from around the same time. I wore the shoes a few times in 2012 but oacked them away in their box when they got dirty. Now we are reunited. On the other hand, I wore the hoodie A LOT. It was soft and fit great and was inline with the general hands-in-pocket-hood-up mood of my very early 20s.

This was comfy and a different way to style this dress. It's officially cold and getting darker earlier so this dress will be making more appearances.

Dress is via Spree and the bag is from Jet