L'ORÉAL Pure Clay Detox Wash Review
How The Pure Clay Detox Wash From L'ORÉAL Has Become An Unexpected Hero in my Beauty Routine

L'ORÉAL Pure Clay Detox Wash Review

When I got the Detox clay wash and realised I'd made a mistake because it was clay and not charcoal and the clay wasn't even "activated," I was disappointed. But we're a long way from February and this wash has become something of a champion in my routine.

L'ORÉAL Pure Clay Detox Wash Review, south african beauty blogger
What is it?

The detox clay wash from Loreal is a wash and only a wash. Amen, no 3-in-1! I'm fine with multiple function products but my "grown-up" beauty bucket list definitely includes being able to afford single-purpose products because I think that will somehow elevate my skincare. That and actually being about a nighttime routine!

This wash has a gel-like consistency and applies a little sticky on the face.

It's made with three pure clays which are supposedly great for fighting impurities. The three clays in the Pure Clay detox wash are kaolin, montmorillonite and ghassoul, which all work together to draw out impurities and fight sebum. Oh, remember when I was disappointed when I realised it wasn't a charcoal wash? There totally is charcoal in this! I must have read that on the packaging and convinced myself the whole wash is charcoal-based.

L'ORÉAL Pure Clay Detox Wash Review, south african beauty blogger,
What's the verdict

The packaging recommends use to be twice a day and two to three days a week. I haven't been doing that. Some weeks I use it more other weeks I use the Hydroboost wash from Neutrogena; I don't even use it once on some weeks. I haven't found it drying or stripping, which has tended to be something I've had to compromise on other washes.

But I have definitely seen a difference. I haven't masked in so long -- that's mostly because I'm a lazy motherfucker -- but my skin isn't suffering for it. Masks have been necessitated in my life by the fact that my skin ends up begging for them due to how it feels. The last time I properly masked was when I tried the Garnier sheet mask way back when. 

I will definitely be buying it again soon as my bottle is almost empty now and my sister seems to be also smitten with it too.

My skin isn't sensitive and I'm on the combination-to-oily side of things so keep that in mind.

L'ORÉAL Pure Clay Detox Wash Review,