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May/June is the best time to shop for plus size swimwear online

Winter is the best time to buy swimwear.  Stay with me.  While it’s gotten hard to kick the blankets off and leave my bed in Soweto, my northern hemisphere fat babes are emerging – going out more and wearing less. Shops are overflowing with plus size swimwear options – international online shops anyway. 

Have you visited online shops in September/October to look at their swimwear options? It’s always weeds with the odd, much uglier suit left. So I say get a swimsuit or fatkini while they are available in abundance if you can!

My Favourite Swimwear options (mostly) from Forever 21 (Contains affiliate links):

south african plus size blogger, south african lifestyle blog

Again, buying swimwear right now means this current body is my summer/beach body. It gets hard to opt out of diet talk and thoughts but maybe if you spent a few hundred on a cute suit you like -- it will go some ways in not making you feel like you have to actively try to lose weight for when it's sunny again. I don't know. 

Tell which suits are your favs.

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