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Apparently red is my thing

1. Yay! I survived my first five-day work week in while. Work gives me so many anti-good mental health feelings that don't sit well with the depression. But sometimes I find myself doing excellent work and being a credit to my team and position and it feels surprising and nice. It shouldn't be surprising but I'm always like, "wow, here I am working well and being all right."

2. In my fact file(s), my favourite colours were listed at different times as a mix of grey, black, navy, red and yellow. Lately, it seems red is winning out and I love how i feel in it shem. I started writing fact files when I was in grade seven -- 11-year-old me was extremely into the idea of writing about my favourites "chicken and rice" "Graeme Richards" "Matilda" -- and I was writing them until, maybe, grade 10. Was the "music book" with its "poems" and quotea and fact files the original blog?

3. All my stories are so old I forget which ones I've told and which ones are still "new" to other people. In 2004, I was 12 years old and just about growing into my head. I wore my school's red runic as it was intended: like a knee-length nght dress that tented around me during active games at break. I was getting my hair cut into a german cut at least once a month but this was before the time of the return of is'chicco so you know it wasn't cool. One time the cut plus some s-control would come out so bad people would laugh at me the whole day.

One Sunday in May, I'm out getting my haircut and on the news I hear that Brenda Fassie had died.

4. Time is wild. The other day I thought, 10 years ago I was barely coping in matric and my mother was dying.
South African plus size blogger, styling red trousers plus size fashion
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5. Have I written any of these posts without complaining about my living situation?  What a fratz.

6. Which of the early Gossip Girl seasons is perfect? I'm watching the second and it's pretty good. I can't stop thinking about Isabel and her story and how rich she is. I need more Isabel. Of course, I haven't the part of Serena's tedious affair.

7. A few weeks ago I was feeling positively on the brink of everything good and the best things are about to happen. Maybe it was a dope hormonal lapse or maybe it's all happening! I mean creative breakthroughs and successes. I mean happiness too. 

Happy Sunday!

If mother's day is a hard day for you too, I'm thinking of you ❤