how to style plus size track pants, track pants with poppers trend for plus size, plus size fashion trends
May I have this in a size fat, please.

This is as layered a post about clothes as you're likely to find here: I'm complaining sure but still just trying to dress like myself; whoever that is at any given point. Towards spring of 2017 -- and autumn in the northern hemisphere or there about -- I started seeing tracksuit bottoms everywhere. 

This thirst tho doesn't start with "track pants with side poppers" being almost unmissable in fast fashion in (northern hemisphere) autumn/winter 2017. It starts with my father. He hasn't been alive since I was six and I remember so few things about him so vividly. We weren't close by any stretch of the imagination. Even with his birthday five days after mine and joint cakes, it felt like he didn't like me so I definitely didn't like him. But in the 20 years without him, I've gotten over it. I take solace in the similarities I see between us, also, I'll never be over how young my parents were.

how to style plus size track pants, track pants with poppers trend for plus size, plus size fashion trends
These are priced between R320 and R499 at Spree. If they are in your size and you want, look here.

I remember being maybe three or four and living in a flat in the Durban CBD with my family (grandparents, aunt, uncle and father). It's a cold day, my aunt is hanging out in bed with my other aunt (one of their cousins) and they're both wearing my father's Kappa track paths. When he died, his clothes were considerably less Kappa and more Crockett & Jones, but the Kappas and Adidas slides remained -- picture my tiny grandmother in his Adidas slides or a jacket for, what I would later realise as I got older, a source of comfort.

Anyway, about these "track pants with poppers..."

I had made peace with the fact that I would probably never get a chance to play around with this trend -- mostly, I pictured myself wearing my silver mules from Ackermans, the Leopard print boots from Ackermans and the babing Bata shoes, which were such a great surprise on this look. I was thinking about every shoe but my sneakers. I had let it go until Superbalist had the audacity to list a few pairs from Missguided. Like, how dare?

This trend being available at Superbalist felt like a little salt in my hurt because there was no way they would stock it in my size. Ever. But that was in early January and I eventually got over it and let it go. But you know that whole thing about Facebook knowing all your things and taking a piss? Yeah, that.

The moment Spree got listed the trousers in every variety they could find, I found myself unable to escape them. Yes, of course, Spree also will not have them in my size -- they go up to a 14/38. Can I just have what I want? Can I live? Spree is such an offender when it comes to refusing to make stylish clothes accessible to fat women. For one thing, their "plus" items usually stop at 24/48 -- that's not at all good enuf. Secondly, you have lines serving thin women stylish and trendy and cute things but doing the total opposite for fat women. The few things I've bought were the exceptions to a very ugly rule. This is my running thread of the things I wish they'd make available in size 48 and beyond. It's comprehensive because I can only hurt my feelings so much, ngiwumuntu nami.

A very special mention goes out to the Adidas tracksuit trousers because those three stripes are everything I need.

What style trend are you absolutely in love with at the moment?

Long live fat-athleisure.

Featured image is from Christena Melea, who is stunting.