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Lately, there's a lot happening. I go to work and I come back home and I don't feel like anything is happening but I'm exhausted. But I'm not writing or reading or doing anything that makes me feel like myself. But I'm waking up on time every morning so things can't be that bad.

1. My favourite episodes of Atlanta are the one with Vanessa's friend (beautifully shot), Montague (I thought I'm a 35-year-old white man was just a meme black people made up but look at the source), I LOVED the final act of the Club episode where Paper Boi and Earn are telling Darius how Paper Boi got his money. Of course, Juneteenth. Of course. 

2. After working late, I got an Uber driver I was NOT expecting and genuinely feared for my life. Aside from being boring and oppressive, yt men literally have your ghel shook.

3. My pocket queue is out of control, goyz! I've been meaning to review the app and  write about how it hasn't been going as  I intended. But I'm glad I'm saving things and I'm looking forward to quite a few of them. My blog queue is just as long. Instead of reading my favourite blogs, I visit them and scroll and maybe read my favourite posts in the archive.

4. I got to see a show at a gallery with a private, guided tour (for work) and it was really lovely. This particular event low-key changed my event aesthetic; I was still in the corner but there were no drum sticks or fruit on the menu. I lurve #thearts.

5. I want to do a new series here on the blog. It's my answer to be being unable (financially) to travel or do travel content. It's me trying to get out of my way and "being in the world." I had a day off on Friday and wanted to use the morning to get that done and maybe catch up with Trevor. But on Thursday I was in bed like NOPE. Shut it down. It felt like all my chemicals were mixing in the worst way and the Friday was no different. So no day out was had, instead I watched Supernatural in bed.

6. Aren't boys just boring? Recently, one wanted to lament how some girl wouldn't give him head but led with, "do you have an active sex life?" The pattern in my sex life has been that I do it like every two years. I told him there are plenty of people who believe that giving head is life.

7. I haven't blogged as much as I want to. I haven't reached out as much as I want to and it's made me feel bad but honestly what can you do. Life gets in the way I just need to get over it and get on with it when I can. On the opposite end of things, I'm posting at least once a week on Instagram (I know it's probably a tiny drop) but it's often all I can manage. And little by little, it's showing me results. I think.

I hope your Sunday is going well. If not, I hope a nap is just the fix you need.