22 February 2018

Instagram lessons learnt from my failed style challenge

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Spoiler Alert: Posting frequently on Instagram shows results

So, without much of a plan or any clothes that fit the theme, I announced my first style challenge on Instagram. I don't know if you remember but I "launched" a style inspiration account and hashtag for fat stylish people in 2017. This, mostly, stemmed from the fact that most local plus size style accounts still heavily feature American fats. Yes, they're stylish but I was, still am, thirsty for style inspiration I could pick up at, like, Ackermans. So #SdudlaOOTD was born. For the most part, only I care. But that didn't stop me from jumping in with both feet with 10 prompts for 10 outfits:
plus size style challenge

I don't own swimwear or anything mesh -- of course, this lack isn't due to my own doing as things I want are either not available in my size or are expensive af. But I still made the prompts, which meant I was automatically unable to fulfil two of the prompts. By the last few days of January, I had posted four outfits on my Instagram for the #SdudlaOOTD style challenge. Major fail. To top it off, nobody else posted anything in response to the prompts. 

But it wasn't all bad.

Even tho I like taking pictures and being cute on the internet, Instagram is just a very hard nut for me to crack. Part of this comes from feeling that my life is not pretty enuf, it comes from not always wanting to "art direct" (used in the loosest terms) things I post. 

In the "week" I was doing the #SdudlaOOTD style challenge and sharing regular content of my face and outfits, I saw growth in my Instagram stats. I don't tend to check my IG insights (I don't think I had ever done it before because I was surprised to see there's a demographic tool and everything.) The reason I checked is that my "profile visits" were looking much bigger than I'm used to seeing them.

My Instagram saw a tangible growth after this fail of a style challenge!

This week also helped me maintain my "reach 500 followers goal" because I looked up I was at 520+ and I wasn't losing any of the new followers, which meant none of them were those annoying bots. This is probably a redundant lesson because who doesn't know that being active and "consistent" on a social platform is bound to show some results?

After the style challenge, I found myself again having trouble posting more than once each week, if at all. I'm thinking of doing an A/W #SdudlaOOTD style challenge. We'll see in May, I guess.

See a few of my posts from the summer challenge and the thinking behind each outfit below.

Thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Yazi nam ndyafuna tana ukuba consistent qha I'm trash futhi nempahla azikho. And then xa zikhona, who will take my photos . Uweh kuyadabukisa nja. I actually need to go enjoy your style challenge properly.keep the consistency up sisi

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

    1. Inama layvel namalayer lento yeconsistency. For weeks (since last year really) I've lost incasa for front camera selfies so I worried that bathong ghel, post your damned face! It's not really happening. But the light and mirrors at my current job allow for a decent-ish pictures BUT most days I leave the "hhayi as long" feels and clothes.

      I hope we find a balance sobabini. Ngoba it can feel frustrating to have an idea but be unable to execute ngoba photos.

      Come back to us, Mvumikazi!

  2. I loooove the second 'crop it like it's hot' outfit! Need that denim jacket and red crop top in my life! Aaaand, I won't lie, the red skirt too :) As for the shoes in outfit no.1: Yes. I need those too. Yes to everything. Yes.

    1. Thank you, Nadia. I think when you eventually come to jozi, we must schedule a thrifting date (or several). I dunno if Ackermans is active in Kenya but the silver shoes and red skirt are from there.


    2. Ooooh, I'd love that! Someday soon, hopefully. I'd really like to make it to the south of the continent and explore all you've got. And thrifting with you sounds like it would be such a delight :)
      Nope, no Ackermans here, at least as far as I know. Just an overpriced Mr. Price. Maybe they have something online or the like although I highly doubt it. I'll keep my eyes out for something similar though, I've really been feeling the colour red and silver/metallic mules of late. Thumbs up for the added style inspo!

    3. Thank you for the great feedback re style inspo things. Oh it sucks that you don't an Ackermans and that your Mr Price is expensive.

      Yes to getting your travel on!

  3. “Crop it like it’s hot” a motto, a vision!


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