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Plus size chambray pants

South african plus size blogger, how to style plus size chambray summer pants

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Top via SPREE shopping link here, Chambray trousers Donatella at Jet, Faux slides (old) Jet, Jean spoti (old) Mr Price
This outfit has been a long time coming, it just took me a minute to get the pictures. I'm proud of myself tho that there's now an actual tangible result of me saying "it would be cute if i wore this with that" and actually seeing it through. Usually I just give up on would-be outfit posts.

These trousers were a fail. Not a complete fail because I can still wear them but pretty close. I sized up two times from my "regular" Jet trouser size because, as I kept telling my sister in the store, why buy them if it'll feel like I'm wearing jeans? The store was packed, I was confident I'd get my baggy feel that I desired. I was so pooped by the time we got home that I didn't even try them on. Not even on Sunday. Come Monday morning, my breezy, baggy summer trousers fit pretty tight. My first instinct? Dammit, I looked at the hanger size not the garment! Even though I never do that. 

All I could think was "what if I'd picked my "regular" Jet size.

It's amazing that I didn't do a single "Fat Girl Shopping" in 2017 because I feel I had a lot of memorable dressing room experiences and bought quite a few things. But I just wasn't in the spirit, I suppose. Or, to be more accurate, I was tired of complaining about clothes not fitting me or clothes that are made to fit me being too ugly. It's exhausting.

Anyway, here I am, looking cute and not even showing that my living situation had just turned into a nightmare that morning. My sister and I were on our way to see a movie (but first! I fell in love with a ridiculous bodysuit at The Fix about which I kept telling my sister "if only it was an XL." Their XLs are bae-ish.) We ended up watching the final Pitch Perfect and it seemed worlds better than the second, which we'd recently watched on Netflix (personally, I fell asleep twice trying to watch the second Pitch Perfect).

The first day wearing my "I'm not mad, I'm disappointed" chambray trousers:
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