sho madjozi hairstyle, sho madjozi xibelani, how to do sho madjozi hair
Sho Madjozi is the 2017 crown queen

One of the consistently popular posts on this blog is a piece I wrote on a whim a couple of years ago about famous black girls' hair. Titled "Mzantsi Hair Stars," a month doesn't go by without it resurfacing again onto my currently popular section. About a year after I posted it, I wanted to do a follow-up because that's how hair trends be. But I'm me so I haven't done it.

Enter Sho Majdozi.

 maya wegerif hair, sho madjozi hair, how to do sho madjozi hair

I'd known her by her birth name, Maya Wegerif, on the Tumblr and poyem streets for a couple of years -- never really paying too much attention until her video poem "Sometimes it Pours" made me stare. Somewhere during all that, she rebranded and is now a rapper.

She's been in about five magazine issues I bought this year: usually, single pages running through her CV and interests. Often clad in xibelani. PR gold, really. But her career as Mrapper has escaped me until I decided I wanted to hear the beat on Gqi a few weeks ago.
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My thoughts on her as "the face of Vatsonga" and her affiliation with OKMKK aside, I can acknowledge that Sho Madjozi has won 2017. She's in the league of the likes of Rihanna as a hair icon in South Africa. Where a Rihanna razor cut is on a hair stylist's board, a Sho Madjozi-inspired snap is sure to follow. It's the law. A couple of years ago we were in a masculine phase with is'Chicco/Is'Kendrick and now we're here with our front-facing braids thanks to Sho Madjozi.

sho madjozi hairstyle, sho madjozi haiir how to do, protective braids inspiration

sho madjozi hairstyle, how to do sho madjozi hair

Of course, it's black hairstyles. Bbz didn't invent anything but her impact is FELT. Twice this year, I've gotten braids I'd always wanted to get because of a Miriam Makeba picture I'd seen. The climate was ripe for it because that style of braid is en vogue and all the stylists are working to perfect it. Sis did that. My fav is when little girls have the Sho Madjozi braids with the beads. 

Again, SA is terrible with archiving digitally. If you took any of these pictures let me know so I can credit or remove them. Thanks!

Have you gotten is'Sho Madjozi this year?