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Does Pond's Pimple Clear work? Here's my review.

Earlier in the year, a Pond's package came to me unannounced at my old job. They're always unannounced. It was cute so I knew I'd be keeping the box. The Pond's institute was closing in Sandton that weekend so I posted on Instagram about it that very day. For those who might want to try the service. But it was months until I again looked at the Pond's Pimple Clear PR samples again.

Look, I've been getting (mostly) hormonal breakouts monthly since I was 13 years old. The pimples would be on my forehead each month, a small little constellation all the girls I was around seemed to get. The pimples got bold over time and started appearing wherever on my face. Last year, the former forehead breakout migrated to my chin and they've been coming here with a regularity. 

pond's pimple clear review, south african beauty blogger

pond's pimple clear review, south african beauty blogger, beauty blogger review pon's pimple clear

What is Pond's Pimple Clear meant to do?

The Pond's Pimple Clear range has two products: The Pond's Pimple Clear face wash and Pond's Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel. It says it clears pimples in three days. That's that. Well, apparently results start showing for the first moment you use it but you'll see "clearness" by the third day.

The second time I tried the challenge, picture in this post, I dumped the face wash because it had an unpleasant toothpaste smell and I was all out of cotton pads and so not toning. From Tuesday to Saturday, I added the Pond's Leave-on Expert Clearing Gel to my daily face routine. The first time I tried the products, I got to the third day and quit because what's the point.

Honestly, I'm not sure if the Pond's Pimple Clear products work because my breakouts don't bother me enuf.  During my most recent trial of the product, the result was that my pimples were taking the usual cycle. One thing I'll say is that trying the Pond's Pimple LCear challenge made me resist picking my face. 

For me, pimples come and go. That's a part of life. Would I like perfect skin? Yes. Will I buy this product? I definitely will get the gel for my sister. `I'm just not the market for the product.

pond's pimple clear review south african blogger, pond's pimple clear review
This is me last week (Tuesday to Friday) trying to see a difference