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Beauty treats I got on special and some gifts

Today is definitely not the best day to finally be writing this post. For one, I am sitting at my work desk and even though I don't have much hair on my head, it still feels like even that is tired. I'm starting to feel like I say "x was such a long year" but it's how it feels. Anyway. Here are some new-ish beauty bits that I have been enjoying lately.

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From two for three special at The Body Shop

So, The Body Shop makes me nervous because there's always so much going on in their shops. So many options. It's like being inside Lush all over again. One evening before our meeting, Heather and I went to The Body Shop -- to cleanse ourselves of the day really -- to participate in the three for two festivities.

I spent a lot of time going back and forth on the shelves but I eventually settled on replenishing my The Body Shop Tea Tree 3-in-1, Getting the Vitamin C exfoliating thing, which I haven't really been enjoying and The Body Shop  Vitamin E Night Oil. The Night Oil always makes me feel like a baddie. A shiny baddie.

From Vaseline's PR

I was kindly sent some Vaseline products earlier in the summer, which both my sister and I have been putting to good use since. I'm nowhere near finding my perfect body moisturising regime but this sure has been bringing me closer to it.

A magazine free sample

So I saw some magazine aimed at white women had included a Eucerine sunscreen free sample. I made one of my colleagues bring me a copy from Clicks and I got my tiny sample which I was using it well until I started leaving the house already sweaty. It left me looking grey so I've just put it on hold.

Dear Extracts
I hadn't bought an African Extracts product in years but when I saw this at the supermarket it called to me and, this is not hyperbole, it's the best beauty product I've tried this year and I love it like it's my firstborn. 

A gift
Heather gave me this gorgeous LA Girl Cosmetics lipstick unprompted and it's so nice to be seen. I'm wearing here.

What new beauty treats have you been enjoying lately?