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How to use Netflix in a data-effective way

2017 is almost over and data still hasn't fallen. This means, for the most part, ya ghel is frugal af about how she spends her expensive data. When I started my new job in May, armed with a better Android phone and the knowledge that I will be working hella long hours sometimes, I got a data solution. It wasn’t just that too. At that point, I was buying two bundles a month (R199 on Telkom Mobile for 3gigs. The cheapest network for big bundles.) Also because my sister had just inherited my old phone and was tired of her slow Cell C connection and trialling Instagram, I’d open the hotspot for her in the evenings and soon, my 3Gigs every two weeks system started to fall apart. Mind you, I knew I was paying too much money for that amount of data. So, I went to Telkom and signed myself up for their month-to-month data deals and getting 30 gigs for R549.

But that’s a tech chat for another day. Right now I want to talk about the fact that I’ve actually done a lot of Netflix and chillaxing this year. That’s in great part thanks to my current phone (It has enuf space to download episodes upon episodes).

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Wait, you have Netflix?

A friend of mine last year created an account within her account for me, which is dope and generous. But it took me a long ass time to eventually use it because my old phone wouldn’t let me download. A new phone and mobile data set up later and we’re here!

The first time I used Netflix this year (with my current phone ofc) I streamed The People Versus OJ. I don’t know what the hell possessed me but whatever little data I had was gone by the third episode. Never again.

Since then, I’ve rewatched and caught up on "Gossip Girl" (but only to early season five), I’ve fallen in love with "Grace & Frankie," downloaded documentaries with good intentions but they all eventually expired because I wasn’t ready to watch them. I've watched cheesy films ("What's Your Number?", anyone?) Got gripped by Kristen Bell as a generation y-er falling apart on "Life Guard."

So how did I stop Netflix from chowing all my data?

The Download button is my best friend. Shows like Chewing Gum and some movies are not my watched list because they are stream only.Which is fine but I don’t need that kind of negativity in my LIFE. If I have a show I’m currently watching, I download my next couple of episodes whenever I’m in the range a Wifi area that’s open to me.

Instead, or rather, before, going on a lurking rampage on IG because you are in a free Wifi zone, download your Netflix episodes and take care of you first, Kings and Queens. 

I just saw -- like this very minute -- that Netflix (South Africa?) have updated the app and it's looking cute and clean. I also just saw that my fav, "It's Complicated," is now on there! Christmas Eve viewing for me is all sorted.

Want to get your Netflix and Chillax on? The current Netflix South Africa plans range between $7, 99 for a basic account and $11, 99 for premiums. The Premium Netflix account allows you to have "four screens" that can use your account at the same time.

Would you like to see a post featuring what I currently have on my Netflix must-watch list? How do you get your subscription content? Let me know in the comments!

I can't wait for "The Devil Wears Prada" to be on Netflix South Africa.